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Overtime Pay

No description

Leann Moore

on 23 April 2014

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Transcript of Overtime Pay

How Strong? ... Too strong!
White Collar Exemptions
Outdated and Ousting
So, what's the big deal?
FLSA overtime tests
Who qualifies... or not?
Duties Test
Salary Test
non-manual work
directs two or more employees
requires advanced knowledge in "fields of higher learning"
Thursday, March 13, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Fair Labor Standards Act
1938: "What happened to that nice unconstitutional bill you tucked away?"
President Obama's Proposal
June 25, 1938
New Standards for employment
ban child labor
institute 40 hour work week
institute minimum wage
institute overtime protections
Overtime Pay
survey of employee responsibilities
Overtime must be spent on "primary duties"
exemptions for almost all those paid on a "salaried" basis because...
Salary threshold is $455/week
Minimal adjustments for inflation
Only 12% of Salaried workers qualify for overtime pay
It's the new America- work longer hours, make less money.
That's because an exception that was originally meant fro high-paid, white-collar employees now covers workers earning as little at $23,660 a year. -President Obama
"update existing protections in keeping with the intention of the FLSA, by addressing the changing nature of the American workplace, and simplifying overtime rules..."
Small Businesses and Big Economy
Tell me again- what's the big deal?
The president's plan... demonstrates another anti-business policy
- Eric Reller
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