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French Foods

No description

jemma hudson

on 29 August 2013

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Transcript of French Foods

French Foods
By Jemma Hudson
Paris and
it's region

Le Meurice
Le Meurice is a famous restaurant in Paris. The head chef is Christophe Saintagne and the manager is Frederic Rouen. They have lots of different drinks, including green tea, blue tea, red tea, white tea, black tea, flower tea and hot chocolates.
Assortiment de Finger Sandwichs - Selection of Finger Sandwiches
Scones maison, clotted cream et cofitures - Homemade scones, clotted cream and jams.
Gourmandises du Chef Patissier - Sweets created by our Pastry Chef
Choix de cafe, the et choclat chaud - Choice of tea, coffee and hot chocolate
Les Tablettes
Le Tablettes is a famous restaurant in paris. Jean-Louis Nomicos is the head chef and creator of the restaurant. The most popular dishes there are: Macaroni with black truffles and foie gras. Mullet fillets crispy marjoram and smoked eggplant. Strawberries with rose water and slush to Chartreuse
Aubergines fumees/Daurade crue marinee/ Emulsion de tomate - Smoked eggplant/ bream marinated raw/tomato emulsion
Oignons doux facon pissaladiere/tomates cerise/rouget a la marjolaine - Sweet onions so pissaladiere/cherry tomatoes/red mullet with marjoram
French Cuisine
France has always had a huge influence on food in the world. Most fancy dishes came from french cooking. Things like cheese and duck. The French cuisine has always been very big. The classic French cuisine is rich and filling with many dishes using cream base sauces.
What do Parisiens eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and special occasions, like Christmas and Birthdays?
Breakfast - Croissants, Hot Chocolate, Bread, Cheese, Coffee or Biscuits.
Lunch - Duck Breast, Chicken, Ham, Sandwiches, Salads, Fish and Steak.
Dinner - Meat or Fish, Vegetables or Salad, Cheese.
Dessert - Fruit, Yogurt or Light Cake.

Christmas - La Buche de Noel (cake served after dinner), Goose or Roast Turkey and Oysters and Sausage sometimes.
Birthday - Birthday Tart, any kind of Cake and sometimes a seven course meal.
Do Parisiens like to eat together as a family?
Yes, Parisiens think of dinner time as a time to be together and talk about their day. They think of it as family time for everyone.
Where do Parisiens buy their food in general?
Parisiens mainly buy their food at the local hypermarche. Everything at the market is labelled as not all of it comes from France.
The End :)
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