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The Childrens crusade

No description

Kiara Contreras

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of The Childrens crusade

The Childrens crusade
Created by Kiara Contreras, Dawson Martinez,
Mykazha Wolfe, JanCarlos Dawson
Thesis Statement
In Medieval England / Medieval Ages children and young
adults, both male and female, are going through what the adult
crusade went through. Such as war, training, and death which
effected the families and friends. Did this crusade work? Is so why? Or why not?
May, 1212
A shepherd boy named, Stephen, went to King Phillips and gave him a letter claiming it was given to him by Christ himself. The letter stated that the crusades have failed because the hearts of the crusaders were cold and impure. That Stephen should start a crusade of the most pure believers which were children. Jesus promised that Stephen's crusade would work. He told him that he would split the Mediterranean Sea so he would be able to cross the Holy Land.
End of june
By the end of June a gathering of children had already gathered in Vendome. Amazed contemporaries said there were about thirty thousand children. Not one above the age of twelve. Most of them were children of simple peasants. Their parents willingly let them go off on their journey. With the blessings of friendly priests the children set off on their journey, southward. Heading towards Marseilles.
The word about Stephen spread all around Europe. Many of the listeners encouraged their children into joining the crusade. Except a german twelve year old boy named Nicholas. Unlike Stephen, Nicholas was wealthy. His father encouraged him to become a leading prophet, to lead his followers to the Holy Land. Nicholas also claimed Jesus had given him a message. He claims that he was looking up into the sky and a bright light appeared and the light kept expanding. He said he heard a voice say "as the children approached the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, the waters would divide in front of them, allowing safe passage to the other side. When the children reached Jerusalem, the holy city would be delivered into their hands."
Late June 1212
Nicholas decided to split his followers into two groups. his group with about 10,000 children south along the Rhine river. and an unknown leader lead about 10,000 children Eastward towards the Danube River.
Stephen's group was beginning to make their way trough France as well. Like the Germans most children walked. Stephen rode horseback with other noble children. The children say his so much as a holy figure that they began to call him "saint Stephen"
Cold Times
As the geography began to differ from their normality of Summer, More difficulties increased. Walking painfully in the ice, cold snow made children suffer from frostbite. When the sun went down the children huddled together as little penguins to keep warm. Some children couldn't handle it and died. The survivors had no choice, but to leave them where they lay. Some of the mountains were to rocky and sharp. They would cut off the thinnest shoes to ribbons and slashed at the children's feet. Some children even staggered off the trails, some knelt down to cure they bleeding, aching feet, some never got up and died from the cold that crept up the high altitude of the mountains.Most were week and starved from lack of food and clean water.
MIddle of august
Although the Germans began their quest before The French, They had gotten there first. Some children were amazed, yet some just turned around to go back home. Nothing happened though. Stephen had said to wait the next day to see if God would answer his prayers and point him in a new direction. The next day arrived and there were no signs of God changing the water. Still, Stephen refused to give up and hoped that the next day would bring the Holy Land. Yet another day passed. And another. And another. In Late August It was said that god answered their prayers by sending them two merchants who took them onto a ferry to cross the Mediterranean sea to the holy land. Sadly, they got into a storm and two of the ships fell into the sea. All of the children drowned, Including Stephen.
The merchants were not helping the crusaders. It was only business to bring them to the Northern Coast of Africa. They had arranged to sell the crusaders as slaves.
Despite the bad luck in Europe, Nicholas' group had reached Italy. 3,000 of his followers had already died or turned back. The same thing happened when they reached the Mediterranean, nothing happened. they decided to continue in Rome. some of his children took ships in pisa and the fate of those children in unclassified. Nicholas was never heard from again after he was in Rome and met the Pope. That was the last information of him.
How did this affect the people in social terms?

France and Germany were so hurt of how many children they lost. Many parents were actually happy their child joined the crusade because they thought they would see them again. Also, because it was one less mouth to feed. In cologne parents blamed Nicholas's Father for what happened. They hung him for what he had done.
What was the role of religion in the children's crusade?
Religion is mostly the reason crusades happened. Religion is the primary factor that you need to have a crusade. The reason of crusades changed over time. Stephen believed the Mediterranean sea would divide so they could cross to the holy land.
What caused the children's crusade was God telling the children to start one because they were the only ones with pure and believing hearts.
The effect was the children dying, and some children being sold off into being a slave. Another effect was in Cologne where the parents blamed their child's death on Nicholas's dad and hung him in a nearby tree.
What kind of people from the feudal system participated?
Most children who participated in the children's crusade were peasants. some noble children also came a long. They were more likely to survive because they were more wealthy therefore they could ride horseback and they had shoes.
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