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Endangered animals

No description

Gareth Robins

on 23 January 2015

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Transcript of Endangered animals

Endangered species What is «Endangered species»? Group 2: An Duy, Long, Kiet, Dung, Thien Endangered species is mean species in
danger and will dead We have to protecet them beacuse if 1 species dead, the speices eat or eaten will dead a lot or grow a lot Why we have to protect them? How can 1 species die? It can die by
- It change to a new species
- It need a difficult environment
- Domino extinction
- Pollution Species world are having a lot of thing. There are very cute panda, very fast cheetah and very angry snow leopard. But they are in dangerous. Let's to see Animals and plants part 1 Dodo is animal in Mauritius . It's bird but it can't fly. Nobody want to eat its meat beacuse it is not good. But the Europe visitor kill a lot of dodo and in 1600s, the last dodo dead. This is the first animal dead by people Animal dead: Dodo There are 18,000-55,000 species dead every years. From the end of World war 2 from now, there are 2,600,000 species dead, double than species dead. It can be strange, but it is true If one species dead, they will disappear forever. There are 5 extinction event. There are
Cretaceous–Paleogene, Triassic–Jurassic extinction event,
Late Devonian extinction and Ordovician–Silurian extinction event. We are making the 6th extinction event by our action Baiji dophin is an animal in Yangtze River. I. It's dead beacuse Chinese killed it, pollution. Animal maybe dead: Baiji dophin Animal in danger: Panda Panda is an animal live in Sichuan (China). It eats
bamboo and a little of insect. It is in critical dangerous
beacuse bamboo, area living are reduced and the small
birth rate. There are 1600 individual in
the world Snow leopard is an animal live in Central Asia. It is very same
cheetah but it has a white skin. It dangerous beacuse its skin are very expensive. It had only 1000 individual but now there are 6000 individual It is in endangered species Animal in danger: Snow leopard Panda is China and WWF icon Snow leopard is Republic of Tatar (Russia) icon and the version of Apple system Bengal tiger live in India, Banglades, Nepal and a little in Tibet and Burma. Bengal tiger killen beacuse its skin and teeth can make medicine. There are 2000 individual in
the world. It is in critical dangerous. Animal in danger: Bengal tiger Bengal tiger is India and Bangdales icon Glyptostrobus is a planet in North Vietnam, Laos, Fujinan and Yunnan (China). It killen beacuse its wood very fragrant, termites, warping and fine wood. It's in endangered species. Planet in danger: Glyptostrobus Animals in least concern: jaguar Jaguar is animal in Central and South America. It's has yellow skin with black spot. It's eat all animals while jaguar see it. It's in near threatened. Jaguar is the name of car manufacturers Emperor Penguin is an animal in Antarctica. It's eat fish. It has a big skin for the cold Antarctica weather. It's least concern. There are 4,000,000 individual in the world Animal in least concern: Emperor Penguin Emu is a large bird in Australia. It's live in desert. It's 40 kilo weight. It have a brown skin. It is in non dangerous because very Australian protect Animal in least concern: Emu You are killing it. The
beuaty skin you bought or
the delicous food from species in dangerous
Don't think just the hunter
kill species in danger Do we kill speices? There are pictures about animals and planet dead. They are very bad. Let's to see it Rember it in your mind The whale in Peru sea dead The last Java rhino in Vietnam dead You can't stop all dead, beacuse the dead is
natrual, but you can reduced the dead How can we protect them Stop make road and build more s beacuse it destroyes the species place What can we do now? The species have to dead. This is natrual. But we are making they dead very fast by pollution, kill they,... What wrong with they? The speices don't dead will came dangerous for their live. Example: Cockroaches will eat cockroach killer What is affect to us? Javan rhinoceros is an animals in Java and Vietnam. It's in critical dangerous. The rhinoceros horn knife is very good so people kill a lot of Java rhinoceros. In 2011, the last Javan rhinocero in Vietnam dead. There are 100 individual in the world and all at Western Java. Javan rhincerous and Sumatra rhinoceros are protecting by Indonesian goverment very careful Animal in danger: Javan rhinoceros Maybe biology can create dead species again, or a lot of species change to thier environment. But it's 100%. If we are don't change, a lot of species dead and our childrent just can see that in Tv. What is it in the future? REMBER THAT: EACH PERSON CHANGE TO
VERY TO. LET'S START More about spcies in danger:
WWF website: www.wwf.org. You can join and protect animal (English)
«Animals in danger», the book by Joe Potter and Andy Hopkins by Oxford. You can find a lot of thing in it.
«Feral natrual» by Nick Arnold. The Vietnamese name is: «Thiên nhiên hoang dã»
www.vncreatures.net (Vietnamese)
www.fotosearch.de/illustrationen/arten-bilder.html (German)
More about my presentation: Gareth Robins at Prezi.com or twitter.com/garethrobins189 Thank you very much for your listen South right whale is an animal in New Zealand, Uruguay, Chile, Madagascar sea. It's in dangerous in the past but now they are non in dangerous by protect from political Southern right whale Non danger is mean species don't die. But if we don't protect them, they can be die We know about species in danger. But now we see about species non danger
Don't it a lot beacuse if you eat a lot, you can make a lot of animal dead
Don't wear an expensive coat beacuse it maken by animals skin
Plant trees to make palces for birds
Walk or ride a bike to stop the pollution
Join WWF (The federation protect animals) One Two Three (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr
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