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Conflict and Characterization

7th grade language arts

Alicia Blevins

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Conflict and Characterization

Ms. Blevins Conflict and Characterization 4 types of conflict
man v. man
man v. nature
man v. self
man v. technologhy Rikki couldn't decide when he wanted to attack Nag. Indirect The writer makes direct statements about a character's personality 2 Types is the methods a writer uses to develop the personality of the character. Characterization 1.Laken kicks Edwin.
2.Edwin shouts angrily at Laken.
3.Annie cannot decide which eligible young bachelor she wants to date.
4.Ms. Smith and Mr. White can not get their smart boards to work.
5.Evan thinks Tyler is being mean to other kids in the class and doesn't know if he want to be friends with someone who bully's others.
6.Casey gets stuck in a thunderstorm without an umbrella.
7.Jenny cannot decide which club she would like to be in.
8.Shelia gets a flat tire and has no cell phone service to call for help.
9.On a visit to a New England boarding school, a group of Unicoi County Middle School students get stuck in an ice storm and have to reschedule one of their visits. Internal Conflict
within the main character External Conflict
between the main character and an outside force Practice Conflict The writer reveals a character's personality through the characters words and actions through what other characters thing and say about the character Direct Examples Example from Rikki-Tikki-Tavi
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