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No description

m bammer

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of Carrots

It is proven that eating carrots can prevent Damage to nerves in your eyes.
and keep you from going bind when your old!
Vitimen C
Vitimin A
vitimin A is very good for you. it supports your eyes so you wont go blind. It also supports your vital organs. it is very good for you.

Protection to illness.
After a 10 year study it is proven that if you eat carrots you will have a lower risk to get the illness CVD!
Carrots have very high vitimen C, A, and Fiber.
Vitimen C ( wich is in Carrots) can prevent CVD and other illness. Also it helps your eye's by preventing Eye Desiese.
Carrots are very good for you. there may be a super rare veggie still hidden in the jungles just waiting to be Discoverd! Even more exciting there may be plants on planets trillions of miles away that are even better then any plant here on earth!
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