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Factors of Production - Converse

No description

Ashley G

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Factors of Production - Converse

Ashley Gerth
Hour 5
Main source:
4 Factors of Production
Land: natural resources
Labor: human exertion
Capital: man-made resources
Entrepreneurship: using the other 3 factors to make a product
Phase 1 - Production
Land -rubber
Labor -Indonesian factory
-shoe designers
-demand planners
Capital -canvas
Phase 3 - Distribution
Land -metals
Labor -store managers
-sales associates
Capital -
-delivery trucks
-TV (commercials)
Factors of Production -

Phases of Production
Company History
The Converse shoe/rubber company started in 1908 in Malden, Massachusetts making boots. Less than a year later the company began making sneakers. These sneakers were originally made to be worn by professional basketball players, but were quickly adopted by creatives and anyone who needed an outlet for self expression. Today this is one of the core ideas of the company.
Thank you for watching
Land -wood
Labor -packagers
-media managers
Capital -cardboard
Phase 2 - Packaging
Phase 4 - Customer Satisfaction
Distribution brings products to the customers. Sales associates help people decide what to buy in stores and/or ring them up when they make their purchase.
Packaging readies products for distribution. Wood is used to make the cardboard and paper that the shoes are packaged in. Media managers are generally in charge of digital advertisements and social media.

I chose Converse because I love their shoes and the company's style. I own 7 pairs of shoes and 2 of them are Converse, both of which are worn out because I've had them for 4 years and wear them too much.
Production is the creation of products. Cows are used to make the leather that some shoes are made of. Factory workers assemble the shoes. Canvas is also used to make many of Converse's shoes.
People originally bought shoes from Converse over other companies because they were different and were easily altered to one's own style. Marquis
Mills Converse saw these reactions and continued to cater to the company's new audience. Today they still have these advantages as well as many different available styles and eyelet holes in the sides to allow feet to "breathe", which are appreciated by athletes.
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