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How Plants absorb Water and Nutrients

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Jess Iggo

on 8 May 2013

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Transcript of How Plants absorb Water and Nutrients

How Plants Absorb Water and Nutrients Plants don't have a mouth, so how are they still able to suck up water just like we do through a straw? There are actually 4 different reasons that all help a plant get its water Those Are......
Root Pressure
Cohesion Tension Theory
Capillary Action
Transpiration So how does water get from here... to here? Root Pressure Let's start at the roots The cells in the roots have more minerals than in the soil, so the water is attracted or drawn towards them. WATER Cells are what make up any living thing. They are like the building blocks of life. This water in the roots builds up and creates root pressure, which forces the water up as new water is drawn in. The Cohesion Tension Theory So now the water needs to travel up the stem to get to other parts of the plant Inside a plants stem there are really small tubes to move things to different parts of the plant. These are called xylem and phloem Water and minerals are carried up to the leaves by the xylem... Those water and minerals are then turned into food for the plant through photosynthesis WATER + MINERALS Glucose Light The phloem is the tube that then carries the glucose to other parts of the plant. (the plants food) To understand The Cohesion Tension Theory, you must first understand this... ? So what cohesion tension theory really is... As water is needed it is "pulled" up the xylem. This is able to happen because water molecules are attracted to the xylem, a force called adhesion. WATER Water molecules are also attracted to each other, a force called cohesion. So as the water is being drawn up the stem it pulls more water with it creating an ongoing supply. Capillary Action XYLEM Water molecules being drawn towards the tubes in the stem (xylem) The Cohesion Tension Theory To put it simply... A molecule is like a tiny piece of anything Capillary action helps get the water up the stem. The water molecules "stick" to the sides of the xylem as they move up. I did a model on this using coloured water and celery, these were the results... Transpiration Transpiration happens when a plant has more water than it needs so little holes on the bottom of the leaves called stomata open up to release it into the atmosphere. The plant then sucks up more water to replace the lost water. The End... Bibliography-

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