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Harlem Renaissance

No description

Jillian Woodring

on 6 May 2010

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Transcript of Harlem Renaissance

HARLEM RENAISSANCE Fashion James Van Der Zee Photo 1 Photo 2 Photo 3 Photo 4 James Van der Zee
"West 127th Street"
Although Van der Zee
was a black middle class
citizen, he used retouching
and negative colors to give
the pictures more glamour. Van Der Zee was born on June 29, 1886 in Lenox, Massachusetts.
Went to school in Lenox, but besides school he had an education in piano, violin, and art.
Got his first camera when he was 14, and fell in love.
Then moved to Harlem to focus on photography.
He worked as a dark room technician, then decided to open his own studio.
The Harlem Renaissance is a time in the 1920's and 1930's when New york had a
rebirth in culture. It was also called the New Negro Movement when African Americans
gave ideas to American culture in literature, art, and photography. There was an influence on
America, but also French-African writers.
James Van Der Zee
"The Black yankees: Negro League"
Van der Zee contributed
to the movement by
capturing African American
people in a different light
than what everyone had seen. James Van Der Zee
"Alpha Phi Alpha Basketball Team"
Van der zee was very
popular with high-society
African-Americans because
of his ability. He was then put
into the MeT for his works. James Van Der Zee
"Dancing Girls"
This is also known as the Flapper Era.
In the Roaring Twenties, many woman
would be up all night working in SpeakEasies.
The fashion was very simple and less complicated
than fashion's before and was easy to be made
at Home. A main characteristic of 1920;s fashion
is the low hemline. It is below the waist, rather than
the an empire waistline.

ANother aspect of the Harlem Renaissance
fashion is short hair because it was easier
to maintain in the lifestyle they lived in. Compare and Contrast Compared to James van Der zee, some contempory
photographers do not see photographer the same way.
They like to photograph nature or people of importance.
Andrew Glickman is not like them. He takes photo of normal
people and situations.
They are different because they way that he takes the photos is in more of a normal resolution rather than glamorous and black and white.
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