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Janine Hartl

No description

Janine Hartl

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of Janine Hartl

If I would be a brand... Janine Hartl from Lower Austria (Rainfeld) currently live in Vienna I would be... the reason that it is my favorite brand
the great & unique marketing concept (creative packaging design & product slogans)
their delicious products you can contact me @: janinehartl08@gmail.com janine.hartl My Work Style team-oriented
organized & precise
creative Interests
cooking & baking Janine Hartl Why? reflects my personality in various ways. I love to be in the nature, experiment with spices and I really like the organic & sustainable positioning of the brand. and also because of: my latest baking project is to make delicious cupcakes ;) hiking
traveling I love to explore new cultures and cities
I lived in the US and Spain for a while going to the movies I am... 24 years old in my 7 semester @ WU specialization: IMM, Advertising & Brand Management
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