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The Anishinabe

No description

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Anishinabe

The Anishinabe
Where Did They Live?
How did they meet their needs
Government System
Other Cool Facts
They lived near the great lakes mostly concentrated around lake superior. Later during the fur trade they moved west.
The adult men had meetings to try to come to a consensus about the problems. They also had their village split up into 7 clans named after animals. This helped them stay organized. The seven clans were: crane and loon they were in charge of government, the fish they were in charge of teaching children skills and history, the bear they were like a modern day police they also discovered new herbs and medicines from plants, the hoof clan they made sure of proper housing and they organized recreational activities, the marten they were the warrior and hunting clan, the bird were very spiritual.
They had no final say in meetings but they could attend and give opinions. They cleaned, sang, gathered food, and child care/taught. Over all
they were respected.

They hunted and fished for food, farmed a small amount and traded with other communities. They used wood and hide and stones for tools, clothing and shelter.
They had 2 clans for government, the crane and loon. These clans worked together to come up with the best political decisions, and provide a balanced government.
You had to own a house to participate in decision making.
The Anishinabe lived with their extended family in wigwams and small huts. Their primary clothing was made out of deerskin. Fish was their primary food, and to travel they made birch bark canoes. The Hoof clan made sure of proper housing & organized recreation.
How did They Live
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Their native language is Anishinaabemowin and is one of the oldest languages in Canada.
Rees, D., Gerrits, D., & Allaire, G. (1987). Our Canada. Guildford, Surrey, England: Colour Library Books, Coombe Books.
Rees, D., Gerrits, D., & Allaire, G. (1987). Our Canada. Guildford, Surrey, England: Colour Library Books, Coombe Books.
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Role of Women

They were the decision makers. They hunted and gave protection to the community. They taught their sons hunting skills. Did traditional things like music, story telling and medicine. They also farmed wild rice and maple sugar.
Role Of Men
They used wood and dried fur for housing. There main food source was fish and they thought of animals very highly. They even named their 7 clans after animals.
Connection With Nature
The crane and loon tribes came together and sat in a circle and didn't move on until they all agreed.This is consensus. If they couldn't come to a decision the fish clan helped them to come to an agreement.
How Did They Make Decisions
How did they solve Problems?
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