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Serial Killers

No description

Femi Bruce-Lyle

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of Serial Killers

Michael McGray
"The Homicidal Drifter"
Ed Gein
"The Plainfield Butcher"
William Bonin
"Freeway Killer"
Serial Killers
"Who's the wolf and who's the sheep?!"
William Bonin vs. Ed Gein
When it comes to the similarities between the two they don’t share much outside of their serial killer title and personal history. Both are young law breakers although Eddie was never convicted for the murder of his brother, while William was in and out of Juvenile hall for license plate thefts. They both had a family with alcoholic fathers and troublesome mothers, although Ed’s mother was very religious, she would verbally abuse the two and keep them very sheltered, as opposed to Williams mother who would not care for the boys often leaving them hungry and dirty. Motivation was another difference between the two; ED was very much extrinsically motivated the murder wasn’t the thrill more so the trophies he collected of body parts were his excitement. William on the other hand was very intrinsically motivated where he would look to sodomizing and killing the boys he went after. They both were caught in very separate ways; Ed was tracked back to his barn after abducting and killing a victim where the officers then found a gruesome discovery witch they then arrested him for, whereas the police pressured Williams’s partners to confess and that testimony then lead to the capture of William in the act. The final differences between the two came during their convictions. Ed was sentenced to life at a mental institution where he lived until his death, and William was sentenced to death by lethal injection the first of the state of California.
Michael McGray and Ed Gein were both known serial killers. The major difference being that they were from different countries, McGray from Canada and Gein from the United States. The two men were born about 60 years apart. Both McGray and Gein were raised in a household with an alcoholic father. Gein also grew up being abused by his mother for being a “failure”. Both men did not have friends growing up. However McGray was shipped off to boarding school as a child, where he was picked on, and was always in fights. On the other hand Gein was believed to have killed his brother in a “mysterious” fire. As a child, McGray was known to have killed animals. Gein was known for grave robbing, and body parts (including skin) of the corpses, whereas McGray just killed people for the thrill of the kill. McGray was all about the feeling of killing, having a hunger to kill, whereas Gein killed to keep the bodies as trophies. Gein was caught based on one of the victims; McGray did not have any published information as to how he was caught. Gein was unfit to stand trial, and spent the rest of his life in a mental hospital, and died in 1984. McGray is still alive; he is spending the rest of his life in prison, for a life sentence of 25 years with no parole. Overall, both men are known for being horrific serial killers.
William Bonin Vs. Michael McGray
William Bonin and Michael McGray are both known serial killers. A major difference between the two is that William Bonin was from the United States while McGray is Canadian. Similarities between both these two individuals are that both were raised in abusive households where they were physically abused by their father’s. Williams’s mother often left his three brothers and him with their grandfather who was a known pedophile. The four boys were known in the neighbourhood as dirty, ill-clothed and not properly feed. Growing up both got in a lot of trouble. At the age of 7 Bonin was sent to juvenile detention for stealing license plates. However another attribute they have in common is that they are said to have been sexually abused by their peers, Bonin in the reformatory and McGrey at the reform school he was shipped off to as a child. While there is no information to what happened to McGray between his childhood and murders, Bonin had multiple run in with law. After he had come back from the reformatory he started fondling other boys as well as his own brother. His first run in with the law as an adult was when he was sent to a state hospital for sexually abusing five boys. He was there deemed a mentally disordered sex offender. He later on went to prison for 3 years after raping and choking a boy. Williams’s motivation for killing was that he could not suppress his sexual urges as a pedophile yet did not want to get caught again as in previous years. So he swore to himself that we would never leave another witness alive. He was excited at the prospect of killing and did not feel any remorse. McGray motivation was all about the feeling of the kill, he loved it and did it to quench his desire. Bonnie was caught based on the testimony from one of his accomplices, which he gave in order to receive a plea bargain. Police did surveillance on Bonin and caught him in the act of sodomizing his victim. There is no exact information to how McGray got caught. While McGray got a life sentence of 25 years without parole, which he is still serving, Bonin was the first inmate to receive the lethal injection in the State of California.
Michael McGray Vs. Ed Gein
Ed Gein Inspired 3 film Characters
Norman Bates
Jame Gumb
(Silence of the Lambs)
(Texas Chainsaw Massacre)
McGray is a Canadian Serial Killer. There wasn't much information on him and thus we are convinced that Canada doesn't want to be known for the same kind of violence as the United States. So the conspiracy to keep important information about their serial killers under raps from the general public is to condition persons thoughts about serial killers. Which leads us to wonder. Do serial killers exist in Canada? Eh? Is that McGray?!
on The Freeway Killer
Freeway Killer
Movie Trailer
William Bonin Inspired a movie and a documentary
Personal History
Personal History
Personal History

• Edward Theodore was born August 27, 1906 to Agusta and George Gein.
• He had a brother Henrey who was 7 years older than him.
• His mother was very religious and forced her beliefs on the entire family
• George his father was a weak man and an alcoholic, had no say in raising the boys, no job
• They moved to a rural area to escape the immorality of the city
• Enjoyed reading
• Shunned by school mates, really shy, mom wouldn’t let him have friends
• Eddie always followed her orders she was a (Goddess)
• When mother wasn’t pleased she would verbally abuse the two
• During teen years, he remained detached from people only had themselves for company, looked up to his brother
• After his father’s death in 1940 they took on jobs to help support the family-Eddie enjoyed babysitting
• Hennery was worried about Eddies attachment to their mother he was shocked when Hennery criticized their mother.
• Brother's mysterious death while fighting bush fire
• Mother passed away on December 29th, 1945 “Eddie lost his only friend and one true love”
• Kept her room as a shrine
• Read the obituary, cult magazines and adventure stories and bizarre hobbies (Bell, Bardsley)

Age of First known Criminal Behaviour:
Could be blamed in the mysterious death of his brother in 1944, died from asphyxiation not the fire and strangely Eddie led the police right to the body.
Years after his mother’s death he would robbed graves and urinate on the bodies as well as steel body parts of women. Particularly their skin. He had a fascination to become and feel like a woman because of the power they had on men (Bell, Bardsley).

Ed was an extrinsically motivated killer. The murder itself was not the thrill for him but using and keeping the bodies as trophies. He was convicted of killing two women, easy targets, slightly older and bigger to use their skin for masks and costumes although he never wasted any part of the body, making chairs and other household objects. This could be linked back to his close relationship with his mother and lack thereof, of any relations with women throughout his life. It could also explain the fascination with women and wanting to be like one for the power they have over men in his eyes.

How and why he got caught:
Bernice Worden was the victim that would lead to the capture of Ed. She was tending the family store when Ed shot her in the head as he confessed, and then dragged the corps of the women to a ford truck in the back which he then took to his family farm. When Frank Worden her son returned to the store and noticed the gruesome scene he called the police and that’s when they traced the truck, and it led them to the farm where they would find the body hung upside down, legs spread, headless, split from the pubic area to the neck (Carter).

Ed Gein was sent to the Central State Mental Hospital in Madison until his trial. On the hearing on January 6th 1958 he was found unfit to stand trial and was committed to the state hospital until such time he was able to assist in his own defense. The trial began on November 7, 1968 and after hearing all of the evidence, it was concluded that he was guilty of the murder of Bernice Wordan but was then termed not guilty by reason of insanity. He spent the remainder of his life in the Central State Mental Hospital until his death in 1984 (Carter).

• Born January 1st, 1947
• Child of an abusive Father who was an alcoholic and gambler
• Had a brother
• Often left and neglected by mother
• Was left with his grandfather who was a pedophile and sexually abused his daughter
• Would fondle brother and neighbour boys
• Did time in juvenile hall for steeling license plates
• Was sexual abused by older boys at 8, and asked to be restrained while doing it
• Joined us air force, logged 700 hours in combat
• Sexually assaulted two men at gunpoint in his outfit
(Gribben), ( Ellignwood,Trounson)

Age of first know criminal offense:
• It was at the age of 7 that William Bonin was convicted to juvenile hall for the crime of stealing license plates.
• It was later in 1969 that he was accused of sexually assaulting five boys in Los Angeles County (Gribben)

He was internally motivated to sodomize and kill innocent young boys. The feat of killing them didn’t come until after he let one of the boys go who then testified against him putting him in jail for 3 years. From then on he is quoted in saying "No one's going to testify again. This is never going to happen to me again". The reason he has chosen to use this method of killing and raping young boy’s leads back to his own past as he was sexually abused and a child. He liked to strangle them with his t-shirt and have them bounded by feet and hands.

How and why he got caught:
William did not attack alone and had a group of young boys ages 17-20 who would help him carry out these crimes. When one of these people Pugh 17, was arrested on auto theft charges on May 29 1980, he told detectives about how he met William and that is when he was placed under surveillance. He was apprehended on June 11th 1980 as he was caught in the act of raping and sodomizing a victim in his van. (Capital Punishment).

Bonin was executed February 23, 1996 in the execution chamber at San Quentin State Prison. He was the first California inmate to be executed by lethal injection. Warden Arthur Calderon gave the order to begin the execution at 12:09 a.m. and Bonin was pronounced dead at 12:13 a.m (Capital Punishment).

• He claimed to have been beaten by his alcoholic father
• He was sexually abused by people in the reform schools that he attended as a child
• He would constantly get in fights at school
• Has a history of violence, outbursts, and drugs
• By the time he was 16 he was living on his own

Age of first known behaviour:

• Was known for killing animals when he was a child
• *there was no other information given about age of him


"Searing hunger to kill" It was the memory of killing that Michael Wayne McGray says he liked most. It was all so easy, he explains. He preyed on the vulnerable -- gay men who were anxious to take him home, prostitutes and homeless people he could lure with drugs.
• Works mostly with a knife
• Is sober while he kills people

How and why they got caught:
• Date of arrest October 1999
• *there was no information given on the exact date or how he got caught

Punishment or outcome:
• He is serving a life sentence of 25 years with no parole
• He said he will prove the 16 murders that he has committed, if his demands are met
• He does not want his accomplices charged

• 1975 - Raped and chocked David McVicker, 14 with his t-shirt
• 1976 - Assaulted a 17-year-old hitchhiker
• August 1979 - Marcus Grabs, 17 (German exchange student)
• sodomized, beaten, body left nude after being stabbed 70 times
• found with yellow nylon rope around his neck and electrical cord wrapped around ankle.
• ACCOMPLICE - Vernon Butts
• Donald Hyden, 15
• found mutilated, raped, strangled, throat slashed, attempted to have been castrated
• David Murillo, 17
• bashed, sodomized, strangled
• Frank Fox, 17
• 1980 (ACCOMPLICE: Gregory Matthew Miley)
• Charles Miranda, 15
• sodomized, raped, strangled (shirt), found nude
• James McCabe, 12
• assaulted and strangled (shirt)
• Ronald Gatlin, 18
• Sexually assaulted and strangled
• Harry Todd Turner, 14
• Sexually assaulted and strangled.
• Glen Norman Barker, 14
• Sexually assaulted and strangled.
• Russell Duane Rugh, 15
• Sexually assaulted and strangled.
• Steven Wood, 16
• Sexually assaulted and strangled.
• Lawrence Eugene Sharp, 18
• Sexually assaulted and strangled.
• Darin Lee Kendrick, 19, Cypress.
• sodomized, strangled, forced to ingest chloral hydrate, ice pick through his right ear
• Steven Wells, 19
• sexually assaulted and strangled

· 15 year long killing spree
· 1985 - 17 Year old, Elizabeth Gale Tucker. Stabbed her body multiple times and then dumped her body.
· 1987- Mark Gibbons. Stabbed and killed.
· 1998- Joan Hicks and her 11 year old daughter.
· 1991- Two Montreal men.
· 1995-1996 Claimed to have killed a prostitute and a gay man in Canada and three gay men in the US, and a 50 year old man and buried him in a Toronto park.
· Claims to have killed over 16 people​

Canadian serial killers don’t have much information on them, they seem to be untraceable. This gives us the impression, that Canada wants us to believe that they are a peaceful and friendly nation; which is completely opposite to how American serial killers are portrayed. American serial killers tend to be glorified and famous, inspire many true story movies and documentaries. This leads us to believe Canadians are more sensitive to the topic of psychopathy and serial killers, where as Americans embrace it and are more upfront about it. Within the few first pages of the textbook it states that university and college textbooks either are too general or heavily influenced by American Practices. This backs that more research and attention is paid to serial killers and psychopaths in America over Canada. We are in agreement based on our research that all the serial killers we researched had bad childhoods however this should not be a sole factor that outlines a serial killer. However it is a factor that can be considered when defining characteristics of a serial killer. Through using our comprehensive knowledge of criminal psychology learnt throughout this course we were able to demonstrate our abilities to identify and compare different traits of psychopathic serial killers between Canada and America.
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Canada's Newest Serial Killers
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