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By: Kiera and Kiara

No description

Kiera Dickerson

on 10 February 2016

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Transcript of By: Kiera and Kiara

By: Kiera and Kiara
How does Protein affect others?
I looked up " How does protein affect others" I didn't get anything. Only thing that did show up was " How does protein affect our bodies". Protein affects our bodies by having lack of protein which can lead to hypoglycemia, lowered blood pressure, anemia,etc.
Hypoglycemia is not a disease in itself; it is a sign of a health problem. The majority of people know when their blood sugar levels have dropped, and have time to do something about it. The typical signs of low sugar levels are hunger, trembling, shakiness, nausea, pallor, and sweating
Why my group chose this topic?
My group chose this topic because we like meat. We enjoy eating it and we believe that its good and has good nutrients for the body. Protein is good for anyone who eats it.
1.) Approximately 18-20% of your body is protein by weight.
2.) Keratin has sulfur bonds and the more sulfur links it has the curlier a person's hair is.
3.) The lifespan of most proteins is two days or less.
4.) Without protein called "Albumin" , the entire human body would swell.
5.) While beef is the most popular meat in America it's protein content is low compared to poultry.
6.)Protein contains carbon,oxygen,hydrogen,nitrogen and sometimes sulfur.
7.) There would be no life without protein.

More Facts....
1. Protein is a long chain- like molecule that is made up of small units known as amino acids.
2. Protein is in each of the trillion cells in the human body
3. Contain Carbon, Oxygen, Hydrogen, nitrogen and sometimes sulfur
4. Proteins Structure is described at 3 levels.
5. Amino Acids are joined together by peptide bonds
The peptide bonds in proteins can be broken down by hydrolysis.

What's being done to educate others about protein?
We are promoting our protein by selling it in the stores like milk,cheese,bacon,ham,turkey,pork,steak,etc. Basically any dairy.
Welcome To Our Journey Of Protein...
Mrs. Allen Prezi is different, and it won't let us post our resources if you need them. One of us can email them to you.


kiera dickerson did facts and why my group chose this
kiara mumin did pictures and how protein affects others and more facts.
We did resources together
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