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on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of UCONN HESA Program

December 1, 2016

Final Recommendation Deadline:
December 15, 2016
Application Timeline
Graduate Assistantships
Typical options posted online at

Finalized positions available to the HESA Class of 2019 will be posted in late November.

Full Tuition waiver
provided to all students who are granted assistantships. (Graduate Fees still apply. Roughly $1000/semester. Payroll deduction plans available)

For the 2016 – 2017 academic year, the typical Graduate Assistant stipend for a nine-month appointment is
HESA Academic Basis
The core of the HESA program is a 44-credit hour curriculum featuring classes taught by student affairs practitioners as well as full-time faculty scholars.

Cohort Model

Class of 2017: 19
Class of 2018: 19
Admissions Webinar
Core Competencies
Apply research and theories

to promote success of college students
Create programs that foster student learning
, such as teaching college students or facilitating leadership experiences
Work effectively
advising and helping individual students and student groups
Demonstrate an
understanding of multicultural issues and competencies
in higher education and act in ways that
promote inclusive practice
Integrate an
understanding of the context of higher education
, including the history and organization of the student affairs profession, legal principles, and the academic mission of colleges and universities
Manage and develop resource
, including program budgets, staff, information technologies, and strategic plans
Solve problems that require
effective communication, thoughtful decision making, coping with ambiguity, and managing conflict
genuine professional issues by

interpreting and applying qualitative and quantitative research techniques

and by
developing evaluations
of programs and services
Develop a
professional identity
based on ethical principles, career goals, and careful reflection

Semester 1
• EDLR-5102 Assessment, Evaluation, and Research in Student Affairs I
• EDLR-5105 Structured Group Interventions in Student Affairs
• EDLR-5122 College Student Development: Programs and Services
• Elective

Semester 2
• EDLR-5103 Assessment, Evaluation, and Research in Student Affairs II
• EDLR-5117 The College Student
• EDLR-5119 The Law, Ethics, and Decision Making in Student Affairs
• EDLR-5092 Practicum in Higher Education

Semester 3
• EDLR-5108 Leadership Challenges in Higher Education
• EDLR-5126 Leading Toward a Multicultural Educational Environment
• EDLR-5092 Practicum in Higher Education
• Elective

Semester 4
• EDLR-5118 Seminar in Higher Education
• EDLR-5107 Resource Management Issues in Student Affairs
• Elective

The Road to Follow...
Questions/Answers from Webinar RSVP Responses
A Storied Tradition
www.hesa.uconn.edu Questions? Email hesa@uconn.edu during the presentation!

www.hesa.uconn.edu Questions? Email hesa@uconn.edu during the presentation!

www.hesa.uconn.edu Questions? Email hesa@uconn.edu during the presentation!

www.hesa.uconn.edu Questions? Email hesa@uconn.edu during the presentation!

-The dreaded GRE...
Interview Days!
February 19-20, 2017
Don't Hesitate to Contact the Program!
Email: hesa uconn.edu
Ricardo Destinvil, Graduate Assistant
Facebook: "UConn HESA Masters Program"
Twitter: UconnHESA
• Assistant Residence Hall Director (ARHD)
• Rainbow Center GA
• College of Liberal Arts and Sciences -
Alumni Relations GA
• Student Activities GA
• Center for Career Development GA
• Careers for the Common Good GA
• Educational Leadership - HESA Program GA
• Puerto Rican/Latin American Cultural Center GA
• Student Union and Programming GA (1st year Union, 2nd year Programming)
• Women's Center GA

Others TBD

Graduate Assistantships Continued...
-Personal Statement
Questions/Answers from Webinar RSVP Responses Continued...
-Interaction with faculty/practitioners in assistantships?

-How is the living area around the university?
(Weather included)

-What types of experiences or qualifications are you looking for to stand out on a resume or in an interview?

-Letters of Recommendation tips?

-What makes UConn's program different from the rest of the bunch?

-What's a typical day like for a HESA student at UConn?

Additional Opportunities for Students!
-Advise Greek Organizations
-Advise "Alternative Break" Trips
-Graduate Student Organizations
-UConn Student Affairs Association (UCSAA)
-Volunteer with on-campus events
-Professional organization local involvement
www.hesa.uconn.edu Questions? Email hesa@uconn.edu during the presentation!

-Academic backgrounds of HESA students

-Nearby institutions to complete practica experiences?

-Masters Thesis option?

-What is the percentage of students getting jobs after graduation?
- -What support does HESA provide in the job search?

-Separate GA application?
Requirements for Admission
A baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university!
(finishing undergrad first is key!)
A cumulative G.P.A. of 3.0 for the entire undergraduate record,

-A G.P.A. of at least 3.0 for the last two undergraduate years,

-Excellent work in the entire final undergraduate year (3.5 or

-Graduate work with a minimum G.P.A. of 3.0 or better.
(any of these will suffice)
A Day in the Life...
Semester 1
-When do students find out about Interview Day Invitations?
*Not a final list!
A Day in the Life...
Semester 3
Full transcript