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Interactive presentation/workshop: Genderdysphoria and Danielle (from 'Mario' to 'Peach'), love being yourself! (Presented by: Daniëlle)

Interactive presentation/workshop about genderdysphoria and Daniëlle (with Socrative included) | Learn everything surrounding genderdysphoria, starting from hormones, HRT, FFS, womanhood to identity development

Daniëlle Steenbrink

on 9 June 2017

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Transcript of Interactive presentation/workshop: Genderdysphoria and Danielle (from 'Mario' to 'Peach'), love being yourself! (Presented by: Daniëlle)


Baby time 10-
Teen time 18-
Adult time 24-
Coming out time! Yes

Before and now

Wait, am I in a male body? NO!
My mom dressed me up in a dress, oh yes!
Want to contact or follow me?
Please message me at: 'Daniëlle Steenbrink(.nl/.com)' or on (Facebook)
You can ask me anything there! It will stay anonymous :)

Finally becoming who I am! - PRE HRT
'Who am I joking the most?'
A 7 year old that's too scared to tell :(
+ I want to wear a princess dress with carnaval, maybe I can join a drama class so that I can be myself...
'My thought: Maybe when I act really manly it disappears'
I dropped the bomb, 'offline and online', 24 years old (17 years later)
I came out as a transwoman (gender) and pansexual (sexuality) but it wasn't all that easy
Step-by-step: from
feminine and sturdy
Always stay true to yourself!
And don't forget to love life
Mom, can I ask you something?

- Have a beard
- Be tough - have muscles
- Talk about 'guy' things
Damn it's tough!
I am REALLY getting
tired of this!
'Mom, I am not a boy! I am a girl'
5 questions for you to answer, totally anonymous!
How people reacted to my double coming out?
My first photoshoot as
Being able to shine, feel good and sexy = I love life
Afterward we are going to talk about the results (answers: stories/questions) so do your best! I really like to hear what you have to say
Friends, family and others <3
I was really surprised about how positive they were <3 | More on
They inspire me
See my transition, step-by-step and learn everything about having genderdysphoria/being transgender in Holland
But what now? The next steps!
How does it work? Step-by-step
I came
- physical business cards on request!
Use social media
I wanted to be a mom, but how?
I prayed to wake-up as a woman
Wait there are more people like me
They are called 'transgender',
Do I really need to go to the wedding?
Even if it takes 3-5 years!
I worked and worked
So that I didn't have to think about my 'fake' life
I was making a profile of my 'ideal' girlfriend
But wait, I am describing myself, wake up!
My mind blocked but I couldn't tell her
It was enough, I WON'T live a lie anymore!
The best b-day present!
Life takes it's toll
Let's start living!
From crying :(
To laughing :)
I am really jealous of other girls, they are everything I want to be!
More ME per day!
A pure interactive step-by-step informative & entertaining presentation about genderdysphoria through the eyes of a transwoman

What makes you female?
Feeling like one!
By Daniëlle Steenbrink: entrepreneur, life & gendercoach, advisor and public speaker
At the end there is a golden pot!
Everything about:

HRT (3x per day)
FFS (VUmc/Facialteam)
Breasts argumentation
GRS (VUmc)
Voice training (FVS)
Lasering (completely)
ID card (identity)
Conversations (shrink)
Clothing and inner identity development (important!)
Being transgender isn't easy!
But your mindset is your best weapon!
January 1th 2016: My mom called me her daughter for the first time!
Who gives, who get's
Together we stand strong!
Trying various
Clothing and make-up
I secretly imported female clothing after getting inspiration from magazines
I never felt more
wearing them
Should I start my transition NOW!?
Let's import more!
Dreams become reality!
1 on 10.000 is transwoman in Holland
1 on 30.000 is transmale in Holland
Do you know?
I offer (as advisor/instructor):

Inner - outer (beauty) development (life coaching)
Gender (coaching)
Creativity (freedom)
Senses and feelings
Concept development (ideas)
Growth hacking

For schools, companies and individuals

More information and feedback (references) on:
Every 29 hours a transgender is killed and/or assaulted. But less then 1% of the world population is transgender, crazy right!?
Go to and type in the roomcode below
'If you have any questions, have feedback, want to book/hire me or just want to talk!'
Going a step further via the newest/modern technology (e.g. VR) and via a personal, transparent, open, crazy, fun, random, inspiring, creative, cheeky and entertaining interaction with the crowd
I wore a lot of color jeans to try to bring some colour in my life! But it didn't work

- Are you gay when you love a transwoman?

- What is pre-op and what is post-op?

- How is SRS done?

- The future?

Interesting links:




18+ only
And a lot of new photoshoots
You got discriminated a lot (in private/business life)
I am a creative rebel with a mission, the mission 'to make the world more open, happy and creative'
Write what's on your mind!
And sometimes together with other experts (e.g. transman, gays, pansexuals, creative people)
Awareness stunts
Transman DUO shoot
WAWW Action Groups
Female versus male hormones
And let's go VR and/or do a social experiment
Show where you stand for via actions and clothing
Ask me any question!
Whenever you are young or old!
Donating via various channels

Making a heart on your hand with your eyeliner

Even more via the show (TLS) and book
This presentation is updated regularly (every 3-6 months)
Love and shine, don't forget to compliment eachother
Partners/transgender talent network
Going a step further whenever it are bands or entertainers, our 'creative future'
Taalfouten voorbehouden
17-02-2016: Presentation on Fioretti College, Veghel - people really liked it! | 06-04-2016: Presentation on Radboud University, Nijmegen - people really liked it! | Presentation on the HAN - | Presentation on De Kameleon - they loved it a lot and most of them were flabbergasted <3 | Presentation on Deltion - amazing | Presentation as a Human Book - | Presentation on Fioretti - | Heerlen | Rotterdam | Also check out the other presentations I give (via the custom made Prezi's) via clicking on my username
Before and now

Experimenting PRE HRT
Step-by-step: from
feminine and sturdy
A smile is a woman's best accessory
3 year timeline shoots together with 3 teams
From male-ish, to androgene, to femine (glamour gala, lingerie, naked)
Be impressed by this awareness stunt on Facebook, I did this as part of my mission! How did people react, what were the results? They were positive and negative, I inspired lot's of people and more then 75% were happy with this stunt, see:

Mission 'Bikini Girl'
How I change me and my mission in my work
Buddy system and the possibility to donate to my transition (and get rewards!)
More quotes on
Others (Castlefest/Elfia)
Rockabily <3
Rockabily shoot <3
Other shoots, Castlefest, Elfia, x-mas etc (with a custom made dress/outfit!) be amazed on how I look at Castlefest, Elfia and holidays like X-mas ^_^
Celebrating one year of coming out! I celebrate it yearly
(AIO) Packages, subscriptions for whoever you are <3
Changed a lot in just 1 year, imagine were the future takes me!
I offer this all as part of my mission, I am here for you!
Classic Hollywood (40s) shoot <3
Classic Hollywood (lovely metaphors) <3
1st entertaining video (TLS)
1st informative (fun) video (TLS)
Micro feminization by Aprils ToucH
Videos (vlogs)/live streaming
Going a step further, videos and livestreaming on my FB and TLS (YT) on various subjects and events, see and
More... (home made products)
Green light:
First HRT day:
New haircut/eyebrows
And yes, I am:

- A big geek
- A gamer
- Creative
- Clothing addict (various styles)
- Rock chick

I love:

- Cars
- Beauty
- Games
- Dresses
- Music
- Shoes

Just like you
I am human!

Trying out lipsticks and nailpolishes
I just love them
Everything FFS, VFS, HRT and breasts argumentation on
Sponsors? You can sponsor me (or TLS) with various products or investments, please contact me

Donators? You can donate to my transition via Patreon
Want to work together? Want to do a photoshoot with me? Interview? Or other things, please contact me
Book me? You can book me freelance with the services at your left, I was an entrepreneur for years and created various (unique, niche) products and services
Inner/outer (hair/clothing)
I never felt more femine and sexy <3
Transgender yourself? See and
TV item
More themed photoshoots in the future (every half year), I just love them!
TheLifeShow <3
At your service 24/7, my mission in life is seeing you smile
Just see those smiles!
HTC Vive proof
ALL photos and videos will be placed
e.g. styling
Giving myself totally naked
More media
I always like to meet new people!
Urban (stock photos)
Be inspired
TV show (more)
Fan made products <3
I am just impressed by how much people I can inspire <3
MUCH more lovely and inspiring videos coming every month!
<- Support me
I just love modeling and presenting
e.g. paintings
You can always book me for a shoot! <3
New ID card
HRT changes after 1 - 3 months, inside and outside
Ultiem femine, zeer sexy en dat geluk dat je erop uitstraalt beeldschoon! Je gezicht, de kleding, de headdress, de uitdrukking.. Wauw!
A comment that says it all:
This is just the beginning!
Elf Fantasy Fair
Selfies, videos, photoshoots
Watch them: -> Livestreams via Facebook with various people and about various subjects
Classic wedding <3
Working for Aprils ToucH - my second family
Lasering (step-by-step)
Be proud of your body!
Friends & events (eg halloween/carnaval/proud!) & parties (eg b-days/random) & shopping & crazyness
<3 <3
What changed after 1 month?
February 15th 2016: First time going public!
I am Polyamareus


Self assurance

Confident/excited (feeling sexy/strong) level

Happiness level


Anxiety and fear

Hornyness level

Lonelyness on an relationship level (I need hugs)

Hot flashes (opvliegers)

See the HRT body/face changes here
Yearly DEEP/REAL timelines
Before and afters
of everything <3 transition changes step-by-step
Feedback by
and modelling
REAL timelines: transition changes
HRT changes after 4 - 6 months, inside and outside
Experimenting: Styletone
Is this recognizable?
Don't ever say woman overreact to much!
When does this stop?
The first person I told
Ever thought that you can not take anything for granted in life?
Brabants Dagblad
Udens Weekblad
HRT Changes
Be proud of your body!
Casual Rockabily and Summer
Transition 2.0:
Ankie and me
Month 1
Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 6
Month 5
I am also busy with a book (life-guide), an deep and personal documentary about my transition and transgender coaching
Danish Girl (20s)
Steampunk Boudoir
Jan Rijd Door
QUICK before and afters
Mijn Geheim

& (summary)

HRT changes after 6-9 months, inside and outside
You don't only have A and B but
also C, D, E, F, G and you can combine all of them (genders/sexuality)
LEARN EXTRA: additional information
How do the: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jews, Christianity, flying spaghetti monster think about gender issues?
And how do think countries like Thailand, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, USA and UK think about this? e.g. Kathoey
Kathoey - 3rd gender
Not a supportive government
Supportive government
I already was acting my whole life
More old videos on
Romantically/relationship = I choose other woman
Sexually = I choose man
Love and sex <3
No, I am not really giving myself naked!
Dreams to reality
Tranvestites, crossdressers, drag queens?
Feel it
Feel it
OOTD's <3
OOTD's <3
All art
The next step in life
Life is a party!
TheLifeShow videos (with)
See me dancing, see me having fun, see me being crazy
Various projects, products and services (custom made) (working together with <3)

- Female empowerment coaching (also via Skype)
- Entertainer
- Modelling/catwalk
- Happiness cards
- (store)
- Transbeauty (book)
- (book)
More content on TheLifeShow and the Livestreams
Moving to!
Working for
Own projects
HRT changes after 10-12 months (1 year), inside and outside
Every half year via Alsfilmsteropdefoto
I work with the best photographers and MUAH's of The Netherlands to make amazing photos in various themes!
# Class 1 - intro:

# Class 1 - complete:

# Class 2 - complete:

# Class 3 - intro:

# Class 3 - end part:
LGBT presentations and coaching on companies and schools
Other dia
Feeling photos


Self assurance

Confident/excited (feeling sexy/strong) level

Happiness level


Anxiety and fear

Hornyness level

Lonelyness on an relationship level (I need hugs)

Hot flashes (opvliegers)

Is this recognizable?
Transition 'celebration' parties <3
eg Lasering, b-day, 1 year changes <3
Want to see more photos?
Want to see more photos?
Others: lovely events
Human book/TEDx
Connected to TheLifeShow
Transition personal/feeling video - 4 months
Transition video - 12 months
only a few countries where a majority of respondents said they think transgender people “have a form of mental illness”: Russia, India, and Turkey. Russia and India were also the only countries where majorities of respondents said they believe transgender people “have a form of physical disability.”
Centuries-old communities of transgender women — most commonly known as hijras — were criminalized under laws passed when India was a British colony, and today often make a living as beggars or sex workers. India’s Supreme Court ruled in 2014 that the government must enact broad reforms to correct this history, including outlawing discrimination on the basis of gender identity, creating affirmative action for transgender people in employment and schools, and giving them welfare benefits. A law to comply with the order unanimously passed the upper house of the Indian legislature in 2015, but the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced its own watered-down version of the legislation earlier this year that transgender activists have widely condemned.
Iran's 'double-edged sword'

In 1987, Iran's religious leader, Ayatollah Khomeini, issued a fatwa (a legal decision handed down by a religious leader) allowing sexual reassignment surgery. While transgender people who have successfully undergone complete gender reassignment surgery are recognized by the government, "the law utterly fails" to recognize transgender people who do not undergo medical intervention, international human rights organization Outright Action International said.
Hindu philosophy has the concept of a third sex or third gender (tritiya-prakriti – literally, "third nature"). The people in this category of sex/gender are called Hijras in Hinduism.[71] This category includes a wide range of people with mixed male and female natures such as homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals, the intersexed, and so on.[72] Such persons were not considered fully male or female in traditional Hinduism, being a combination of both. They are mentioned as third sex by nature (birth)[73] and were not expected to behave like ordinary men and women. Hijras identify themselves as incomplete men, that they do not have the desires (for women) that other men do. This lack of desire they attribute to a "defective organ." If a Hijra is not born with a "defective" organ (and most are not), he must make it so by emasculation.[74] They often kept their own societies or town quarters, performed specific occupations (such as masseurs, hairdressers, flower-sellers, domestic servants, etc.) and were generally attributed a semi-divine status. Their participation in religious ceremonies, especially as crossdressing dancers and devotees of certain temple gods/goddesses, is considered inauspicious in traditional Hinduism. Some Hindus believe that third-sex people have special powers allowing them to bless or curse others. However, these beliefs are not upheld in all divisions of Hinduism. In Hinduism, the universal creation is honored as unlimitedly diverse and the recognition of a third sex is simply one more aspect of this understanding.[75]
Most Buddhist scripture does not distinguish same-sex sexual activity from heterosexual activity, both being seen as non-conducive to spiritual growth.[76]

In Thai Buddhism, being kathoey (an umbrella term that roughly maps to a range of things from MtF transsexualism to male homosexuality) is seen as being part of one's karma if it should be the case for a person. The response is one of "pity" rather than "blame". Kathoey are generally seen as not likely to form lasting relationships with men, and the lay explanation of their karma is that they are working out debts from adulterous behavior in past lives. In the past they disrupted marriages, and now they are doomed to never marry.[77]

In Thailand, kathoey are still not allowed to legally become female or marry a man. Same-sex marriage is not possible in Thailand. Transgender women however can marry their European partners, if that is legislatively possible in their partner's country, and leave Thailand.
In Islam, the term mukhannathun is used to describe gender-variant people, usually male-to-female transsexuals. Neither this term nor the equivalent for "eunuch" occurs in the Quran, but the term does appear in the Hadith, the sayings of Muhammad, which have a secondary status to the central text. Within Islam, there is a tradition on the elaboration and refinement of extended religious doctrines through scholarship. This doctrine contains a trans-positive passage by the scholar and hadith collector Al-Nawawi:

A mukhannath is the one ("male") who carries in his movements, in his appearance and in his language the characteristics of a woman. There are two types; the first is the one in whom these characteristics are innate, he did not put them on by himself, and therein is no guilt, no blame and no shame, as long as he does not perform any (illicit) act or exploit it for money (prostitution etc.). The second type acts like a woman out of immoral purposes and he is the sinner and blameworthy.
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