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4th Grade Migrations IB Lesson

No description

Luke Perez

on 19 May 2016

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Transcript of 4th Grade Migrations IB Lesson

Building Background Knowledge
Students were introduced to the idea of animal migration through a story about the seals in Oceanside. We then read a digital book titled,
Animal Migrations
, to give students an idea about how various animals move for different reasons.
Digging Deeper
After having a discussion about the MyOn digital book, we had the kids comb through various articles and migration maps specific to the Monarch Butterfly and Gray Whale.
Digital Product
After researching, students completed a Google document questionnaire to assess what they have learned from the various sources. This digital document assessed how well they comprehend the non fiction articles, as well as having students compare and contrast.
What is migration?
Lesson Design
We like how this lesson turned out. Students were able to make a connection between human and animal migrations. They came up with some interesting ways to help animal migrations.
4th Grade IB Transdisciplinary Lesson
Animal Migrations
Taking Action
The last question on the digital product challenged students to think of actions that could be taken to preserve the natural migration patterns of the Gray Whale and Monarch Butterflies.
As part of a larger unit on human migration, fourth graders investigated how animals, just like people, face challenges when they migrate.
"We can build little reserves around their habits and send a letter to someone who has the money."
"Humans can try to avoid doing things they know are bad for the environment and try to provide resources for animals."
"Do more beach clean ups. If you are snorkeling and you see a piece of trash swim over and grab it you may have just saved an animals life. Make a prezi about helping Gray Whales and Monarchs and show it to your class. Get people educated about what's happening about these animals. "
"Donate money to a charity that helps whales."
"I can grow milkweed and eucalyptus trees."
Student Responses
One of our favorite parts of this lesson is that kids are really beginning to use the Learner Profiles in their thinking. Making those connections, without prompting, helps us see how great the IB/PYP Programme is!

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