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The World's Best Popsicle Stick Bridge

No description

Sara Haider

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of The World's Best Popsicle Stick Bridge

Design Process Materials Popsicle Sticks (4.5'' x 3/8'') Carpenters Glue Trapazoid Screwdriver Binder Clips Tie members Truss blueprint Stringers Put a dummy on a Popsicle stick Put a Popsicle stick on the side with the glue Put Binder clips to hold it together Put glue on the other side (which doesn't have the dummy) Continue these steps until your stringers look like this Trusses NOTE: You make 3 bottom stringers (using 7 Popsicle sticks) like the picture above Make 3 Top stringers also using these steps but with only 5 Popsicles sticks like You place one bottom stringer and one top stringer on the trapezoid Tighten the screws Put 2 Popsicle sticks on both ends of the trapezoid and glue them to the stringers Put on binder clips wipe off excessive glue Take 8 more Popsicle sticks and place them according to the blueprint on the stringers Make the trusses by glueing the sticks according to the blueprint ( 1/4'' gap) Put binder clips to make the joints secure Wipe Off the excessive glue Finished Truss Make 3 Of these Tie Members 1. Mark where the 6 tie members will be placed 2. Sand any necessary tie members so that they are big enough 3. Put three tie members connecting the bottom of the three trusses 4.Wipe off the excessive glue 5. Wait till it dries 6. Repeat on the top side of the bridge
(connecting with 3 tie members) 7.Wipe excessive glue again WAIT... By: Sara Haider Quality Control Manager Hanuf Fabricator Manager Fabrication Process Group
Members James Caleb Fabricator Communicator Series of steps that transfer the knowledge you already know into the real world 1. Input 2. Process 3. Output 4. Evalutate Problem We have to create the worlds longest,lightest and strongest Popsicle stick bridge that uses minimum amount of resources but can hold up to 150 pounds What Do We Already Have? we have a blue print and all the materials needed Processes Goal To build a bridge that is 18 inches long, later when we connect the bridge to the other bridges it should be able to hold about 150 pounds Understanding We watched videos
to learn more about our topic We read over and analyzed the blueprint The Best
Solution The best solution that our group found was to make our truss bridge exactly how it was instructed and to make it even more strong we decided to add "X's" Dummy *extra: using 9 Popsicle sticks make "X's" inside the bridge Reflection My project was a success because my bridge was able to support me standing on it. Although throughout the creation of this bridge there were many failures for example having slightly bent stringers, having different size trusses, it was fun to build. In the future I'll be sure to use good, straight and strong Popsicle sticks by checking and rechecking if the Popsicle stick is good. Common
Bridges Beam Arch Suspension The bridge we are creating is a truss bridge (made up of a series of isosceles triangles that support the bridge) I had to make sure everyone was following the design process and was doing everything accurately. I specifically checked for bad Popsicle sticks, bad stringers, uneven trusses, and if the truss matched the blueprint. 'S Longest Lightest Strongest Thank You For Watching
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