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Masr Ta3mal Zagazig

No description

Abd Elhamid Zaitoun

on 10 June 2016

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Transcript of Masr Ta3mal Zagazig

Our Family Members :)
Masr Ta3mal Zagazig
Mohamed Galal
Abd Elhamid Zaitoun
Vice President
Ezzat Essam
Social Media Coordinator
Aya Ebrahim
HR Coordinator
Youmna Ayman
HR Coordinator
Rabab Ibrahim
Mohamed Foda
Islam Yehia
Azza Mohamed
Salma Refaat
Mahmoud Abdelghany
Ahmed Gamal
Basma alsawalhy
Kholoud Adel
Alshaimaa Abdelfatah
Ahmed Ashraf
Nourhan Elmegidy
Rana Rashad
Mohamed Darwish
Mohamed Abdelnasser
Mahmoud Said
Fatma Swabi
Mohamed Essam
Norhan Ahmed
Vice Head
Abdelsalam Hamdy
Nourhan Fouad
Fatma Mamdouh
Aly Bahbah
Esraa Hassan
Yasmeen Abdelsami3
Fatma Ashraf
Ahmed Ashraf
Vice Head
Ahmed Mano
Mostafa Teleb
Nourhan Elbadry
Hossam Hassan
Khedr Eltony
Mohamed Elzawahry
Aya Elhossiny
Mohamed Ashraf
Yasmin Hassem
Ayman Elsaid
Shaimaa AboElregal
Sara Elbaid
Aya Mohamed
Abd Elhamid Zaitoun
"I Love You For The Sake Of Allah"
Samar Mostafa
Ranya Ahmed
Ahmed Marey
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