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Victorian Era Floral History

No description

Kaitlin Nugent

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Victorian Era Floral History

By: Kaitlin Nugent, Ariel Meyer, Dora Morin and Candra Thornley Victorian Era Floral History

Architecture styles and furnishings were designed bearing Queen Victorias name Tight masses of flowers, often softened by foliage at the design edges 2 or 3 tier flower arrangments made in epergne containers combined with fruits and vegetables Designs.. Metals
Alabaster Popular Containers, Foliages + Flowers.. Materials of Containers Flowers Flowers rich in texture
Solid blooms
Unusual + interesting patterns Accessories.. Foliages Ferns
Plumed Grasses Dried flowers
Stuffed birds
Victorian greeting cards
Oil lamps
Shells Weddings
All occassions Where do we use these designs today?? During the 17th and 18th Era.. When was the Victorian Era? Questions.. What floral designs did they use? What are some popular containers? What were some popular accesories? Where do we use these designs today? www.google.com Bibliography
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