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Imagine Dragons

No description

GV Computer

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Imagine Dragons

By: Olivia Kepiro Imagine Dragons Imagine Dragons "Night Visions" By: Olivia Kepiro ;) Labeled by Interscope Records Band formed in 2007 Nominated for 'Best Rock Video' for their single
"it's time". Imagine Dragons debut album is "Night Visions". "Night Visions" was released on September 4, 2012. It was recorded between 2010-2012. The album debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 in the United States. Selling more than 83,000 copies within its first week. Ben McKee Dan Reynolds Wayne Sermon Daniel Platzman IMAGINE DRAGONS Genres: Indie Rock, Indie Pop, alternative rock Songs that made the Singles Chart:
1."It's Time"
3."Hear Me"
4."Demons" Emotional struggle is central to Imagine Dragons songs.
From the beginning it’s been the group’s goal to take
the pain they've each experienced in life and spin it
into something redemptive and uplifting. Imagine Dragons is on their current tour Night Visions Current tour locations in the U.S. Include:
1) Nautica Pavillion in Cleveland, OH (July 30)
2)SDSU Open Air Theatre in San Diego, CA, (June 1)
3)Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, CA, (May 29-30) Their band was
inspired by their
home, “Our band
wouldn’t exist
without Las Vegas." Guitarist Lead Singer Bass Drummer The End!... E.P.'s Imagine Dragons (2009)
Hell and Silence (2010)
It's Time (2011)
Continued Silence (2012)
Hear Me (2012)
The Archive (2013) At their first concert on tour,
in Astra, Berlin on April 22,
Dan punched a drum and
broke his wrist. xD Previous Members:
Andrew Tolman - drums, vocals (2008–2011)
Brittany Tolman - piano, vocals (2009–2011)
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