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Doing Business in Russia

No description

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Doing Business in Russia

Greeting for the time of day.
No gloves.
Firm handshake.
Direct eye contact.
Background to Russian Business
Greeting Tips
Communication Tips
Dress Code
Functioning teams.
General suspicion of strangers.
Decisive controlling leaders.
Differences in ages.
Team Work
Valuable gift.
Abundant food.
Offers of food or drink.
Appreciation of the food.
Limits when drinking.
How to Do Business in Russia
Background to Russian Business
Greeting Tips
Communication Tips
Dress Code Tips
Team Work Tips
Meetings Tips
Dining Tips
Comparison with Lebanon
Comparison With Lebanon
Emerging from the post-Soviet chaos, it has the following dimensions:

High power distance
High uncertainty avoidance
Emphasizing opinion.
Inexpressive body language.
Silent thinking.
English fluency.
First impression.
Conservative and expensive.
Dress code for men.
Dress code for women.
Dark colors.
Warm clothes.
Intense negotiations.
Disseminating information.
Translating business cards.
(n.d.). Retrieved from Kwint Essential: http://www.kwintessential.co.uk/etiquette/doing-business-russia.html
(n.d.). Retrieved from World Business Culture: http://www.worldbusinessculture.com/Business-in-Russia.html
(n.d.). Retrieved from EF: http://www.ef.com/__/~/media/efcom/epi/2012/country_fact_sheets/russia/EPI_2012_Russia_factsheet_en_2.pdf

Presented to Mrs. Tracey Mansell

Team number 5:
Remy Royheb
Elio Salameh
Rita Salameh
Daoud Sakr
Sarah Slaybi.
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