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The Swaggiest trip you'll ever take

No description

Nik Roussos

on 31 October 2014

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Transcript of The Swaggiest trip you'll ever take

work citied



http://giupocore.blogspot.com/2011/06/coniferous-forest-map.html - mountain pic

http://espacepourlavie.ca/en/conifer-forest - Berry pic

A trip to the Coniferous Forest
Hello, my name is Tyresse Witherspoon! I will be your virtual guide on this overview of the amazing vacation you could go on, if you so choose to except.
But what about the Terrain Tyresse?
It's beauty holds many bodies of water for you to see and explore including: Bogs, fens, marshes, shallow lakes ( Which make excellent kiddy pools), and rivers and wetlands. Tons of woodland to ensure if you want privacy or if you want to build a log cabin, you can do it. Mountains in the area offer thrill seekers to climb the steepest terrain or if you just want a simple hike you can do that too.
Terrain is nice, but what about animals?
The Coniferous Forests do not hold many species of animals, but hey do hold they are strong, resourceful, impressive animals do to the long and terrifying cold winters that they hold.

Herbivores: Moose, Deer, Reindeer, mice, squirrels, woodpeckers

Predators: Wolves, Bears, Lynxes, and Wolverines, hawks, owls.
Yo Tyresse, what about the Plant Life?
The Coniferous Forests host a small amount of plant life compared to other biomes because of the crazy winters I talked about before. Trees include spruces, hemlocks, pines, and firs. notable smaller plant life includes mosses, poison ivy, and few types of berry plants
The Swaggiest Trip you'll Ever Take.
The Lay of the Land
The Coniferous Forests have short warm growing seasons with nice long hours of daylight to ensure your vacation will truly last! It's also the largest terrestrial bio located in Canada, United States, and Asia. Each country equally beautiful!
Other Crazy Animals
In Asia, the Coniferous forests hold even more majestic creatures that include the Giant Panda and Siberian Tigers. You wouldn't want to go on a hunting adventure in the Tundra when you can hunt one of the worlds most dangerous creatures here.
P.S. Longer and warmer growing seasons compared to the Tundra!
You don't want to go to any nasty old hot sandy desert bio for your vacation when the winters are much cooler. Sure you could freeze to death with how cold they are but if you built that log cabin I was talking about, you'll be fine!
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