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The transgressive way of breaking gender roles in music videos

Trasaya Gaines

on 7 December 2012

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Finally What does all this mean? Pushing Gender Norms through Music Videos In this video, Pink is singing about not
needing a man. She is portrayed in the
beginning as a motorcycle chick. Then
she is portrayed boxing in order to take
out her anger, instead of crying which is stereotypically what girls do. Next she is portrayed watching boys act like fools and is basically laughing at them instead of fawning over them. Afterward she is portrayed reading instead of paying attention a man who is trying to get her attention. In the last scene of the video, a guy spilled a drink on her and she gets in his face instead of shyly saying it is okay, and ends up walking away from him. Beyonce- If I Were A Boy In this video, there stereotypical roles of a male and female in a relationship are reversed. Beyonce plays the male psychologically and a man plays her counter part as a woman psychologically. It is clear the switch in gender roles throughout the entire video, and if it is not clear, at the end of the video they switch back into their "appropriate" gender roles. Lady Gaga- Alejandro In this video, men are portrayed a feminine in many ways. They wear short shorts and heels throughout the video. Lady Gaga is pictured as a matriarch of power and as the Pope, which is always a "man's job". In her portrayal she is breaking gender norms. Also, sexually she is dominating. In one scene she is on the bed with a man who is wearing heels, but she is the forceful one in their relations. Beyonce- Upgrade U In this music video, Beyonce pushes gender stereotypes in a way by portraying her boyfriend Jay Z in her music video. It is humorous, but also transgressive in that she felt unashamed to wear boys clothing and pretend to rap. The lyrics also back up this idea because she states that women are the backbone of men, and without a woman's brains, a man gets no where. Gender construction affects our everyday life. It becomes so normal to us that we do not recognize how oppressive it really is. I chose to use these specific music videos because they truly are transgressive in their portrayal of genders. Each of these videos has sparked some type of controversy with critics. The world should be more open to such ideas of gender reversal because not everyone can fit into a confined space of male or female.
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