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Wire Sculptures

No description

Robin Reczek

on 30 May 2013

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Transcript of Wire Sculptures

Is it still a drawing if you do not use a drawing tool?
(eg. pencil, marker, crayon, pen) Can you create a line drawing without using a pencil, pen, marker, chalk, crayon, or any other writing implement? Gavin Worth Sonny Roelle Contour drawing, is an artistic technique used in the field of art in which the artist sketches the contour of a subject by drawing lines that result in a drawing that is essentially an outline; the French word contour meaning, “outline.” The purpose of contour drawing is to emphasize the mass and volume of the subject rather than the detail; the focus is on the outlined shape of the subject and not the minor details. However, because contour can convey a three-dimensional perspective, length and width as well as thickness and depth are important; not all contours exist along the outlines of a subject. This technique is manifested in different styles and practiced in the honor of drawing development. What is a contour line drawing? Step 1: Choose an image of what you would like to create. (I must approve before you start!) Where to start... Step 2: Reduce your image to simple contour line drawings by highlighting the outline and necessary lines of your image Step 3: Create image using wire!
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