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14th colony

No description

mitchell johnstone

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of 14th colony

the 14th colony location my colony is located in Michigan. Name my colony is called mitchagin this is how I will get to England... I chose this location because it is close
to fresh water and has a good route to England location cont. my mother country. These are the lakes that
I will get my water from. payment and government barter My colony will use barter instead of using money. That way people can't steal a lot of valuable items, and you would have to barter to get what you want. government My colony will have a representative government.The people elected will come to a quarterly
meeting in which they will approve of laws. government cont. My colony will also have veto power. If England or myself do not want a certain law, we can veto it. by mitchell johnstone Religion In my colony, I will have religious freedom. I
Will also have separation of church and state That way the ministers won't be the most important person in the colony. Jobs some jobs my colony will have are
blacksmith, teachers, farmers, inn keepers, shoe makers, furniture makers, potters, loggers, and warriors. laws some laws I will have are no stealing, killing, hurting and no slaves Education In my colony, we have public education.everyone pays and everyone has to go. punishments if someone were to break a law,
they would go to jail for 1 year for light crimes, 3 years for stealing, 5 years for killing,and tormentation for worse crimes. this is what my colony will look like. fun for recreation, my colonists will dance, play sports,play games, have parties,swim, horseback, sow, and of course, do ORIGAMI!!!!!!!!!!!! supporting England I will support England by giving England the resources we have like lumber and fish. dating and marriage In my colony, you can only date if you are older than 12 and if you want to marry you have to be older than 21. Also kissing in public is inappropriate farmers and their sons will work the fields. they will raise pigs, sheep,cows, donkeys, and dogs. they will grow watermelon, potatoes, cantaloupe, carrots, bananas, apples, and pineapples farmers Job Payment jobs will be paid by giving them something they want.how many things depend on how hard you try and how helpful is the object. the end!! defending In my colony, we will defend ourselves with a fort, guns, shields, swords, and warriors.
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