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Accor Complaints

No description

Van Nguyen

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of Accor Complaints

Accor Hotel - Complaints Project

Project Outline
Recommendations regarding strategies to improve the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for the Accor Hotel group within the Sydney Olympic Park.

Namely the Pullman, Novotel and Ibis.
Shower Issue
Analysis of Open Comments:

Showerhead related issue

Consisting of 23% of complaints

Ibis 29%, Novotel 12%, Pullman 28%
TV/Remote Issue
Analysis of Open Comments:

User related complaints

Consisting of 49% of overall complaints across all three hotels

Ibis 58%, Novotel 35%, Pullman 75%

Customer Education
Signage - not dialogue heavy

Appropriate timing

Customer education implemented in higher paying customer's room first

Feedback gained on approach

Increased Net Promoter Score
Service Quality
The comparison of customer perceptions of the expected service in contrast to the actual service received (Chand 2010)
Staff Engagement
Medallia lead to the importance of staff motivation and engagement

Recognition to focus on generating employee commitment, establishing an emphasis on customer satisfaction and innovative service delivery

Staff empowerment improves desicion making skills, quicker response time, recovery of dissatisfied customers, increased job satisfaction

Rewards and recognition enhance job satisfaction and job motivation through the implemented training and development, create value and be committed to ensuring peopleology in service delivery

Main concepts examined in correlation to data analysis to devise recommendations:
Customer Education,
Staff Engagement, and
Service Quality
Project Expectations
Analyse data to identify trends regarding common complaints across the 3 hotels

Determine possible recommendations to reduce complaint incidences and ultimately increase NPS
Initial Data Analysis Stage (2)
Key Issues
Overall across all hotels:

Customer Education/Service Quality
“Red” we’ve identified as an issue due to staff handling of the situation
“Other Issues”
Bathroom: Shower Pressure
Food and Beverage services

five dimensions of service quality
1. Reliability:

used to highlight the uses of customer education

2. Responsiveness:

Used to highlight the importance of staff education
3. Assurance:
- Staff education is further emphasized

4. Empathy
- Introduces customer empowerment

5. Tangibles:
Incorporates the physical evidence.

Using this Framework will assist Accor in improving the delivery of service and will in turn reduce the number of negative comments

To remove in-bound tourists away from the main B'fast dining area.

Cater their breakfast service in a small function room instead.

Service it like a small function.
Recognise and develop belief in peopleology to improve service quality

Positive reinforcements consistently through all three hotels.

Suggestion box to place reasonable incentives to create higher productivity

Thus, improve NPS.
- Confidential information
- Business processes
- Limited time frame

How it will help improve NPS
Prepared by:
Cameron Graf
Rebecca Kingswell
Jessica Leung
Filomena Marzella
Van Nguyen

Initial Data Analysis Stage (1)
Situation Now
five dimensions of service quality
The use of staff engagement , customer education and service quality

will ensure our recommendations will ultimately improve the Net Promoter Score.
Ethical Considerations and Limitations
Open Comments:
Breakfast Service was consistently mentioned in all 3 hotels in a negative manner.
Ibis 38%, Novotel 25%, Pullman 36%

"Service Operation"
Difficult to navigate b'fast area

Long queue/waits

Inadequate buffet refill

Slow table turnover
Food and Beverage Issue
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