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The Learning Experience

No description

shari&stacey Crews

on 1 December 2014

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Transcript of The Learning Experience

The Learning Experience
Shari Crews

Table of Contents
Site contact information
Information about Site
Employment Opportunity
Site Highlights
Five year plan
Ten year plan
Site Contact Imformation
5020 N Carolina 55, Durham, NC 27713
(919) 544-4104
Site Information
The Learning Experience (TLE) of RTP offers the newest 5 star designed and built child care center in or around RTP. The owners of TLE of RTP are proud to not only offer the best child care facility in the Triangle, but the best staff, programs, and learning based curriculum. Students at TLE of RTP enjoy the many different enrichment programs offered to every student at no additional change including phonics, art, dance, music, science and math. The Learning Experience® offers outstanding age appropriate care and curriculum for children 6 weeks to 6 years old, all at competitive tuitions giving the best child care value available in the Triangle.

Employment Opportunity
At The Learning Experience there are many jobs offered including lead teachers, assistant teachers, floaters, and even to the cook. Of course some of the positions are filled however the director says she is always looking for floaters.
Site Highlights
There are numerous highlights about this center from the extensive curriculum, the sign language, or even the extensive interactive play with the students. The preschool program is broken up into three completely separate classes according to chronological age and developmental stage. Conceived and written by their own Curriculum Department at The Learning Experience Corporate Headquarters, L.E.A.P. provides our preschool teachers with a comprehensive monthly curriculum.
Five Year Plan
In the next five years I will be 27 years old and would hope to be a newly married women teaching second grade back home in Charlotte N.C. I see myself in m own apartment with my new husband and I see the two of us very focused on each other and our blossoming careers.
Ten Year Plan
In Ten years I will be 32 years old and I should be well established into my teaching career. I hope to be in my own house by now and my husband and I should have at least one child by now. Although I do wish to still be in the teaching profession I hope to have grown tremendously in m field and will have time to venture into writing a book by this age

Journal #1 September 8th-12th
This week was my first week at The Learning Experience and I was a bit overwhelmed as I was thrown into the infant room. Ordinarily I work with toddlers on up but the owner Ms. Stacy thought it would be best to go where the help is most needed. She was very excited to have me and was very welcoming. Here I was escorted into my room Infant A with Ms. Jametta and Ms. Myra. These two ladies were very welcoming and seemed appreciative. The room was chaos at first to me until I realized it was nap time for all nine of the screaming infants. The teachers went by this chart of feeding and diapers and this is what I was introduced to after we got all of the babies to sleep. That Monday was rocky and I was not too excited to return Wednesday however upon my return I was greeted by smiles from the babies. They were warming up to me! This finally did not seem half bad. I just had to get in the swing of things. By Friday I was bouncing one infant on my knee and feeding the other!
Journal#2 September 15-19
Here we are in week 2 on The Learning Experience! I was feeling a lot more eager now that week one was under my belt. I felt like maybe this would be a learning experience for me. I spoke to my teachers as I walked in that Monday and they informed me that this was the typical crazy Monday. I cringed a little at the thought of "crazy" but jumped right on the floor with the loves as soon as I slipped my socks on. Kenji was the oldest in the room and was beginning to pull up. Ms. Myra informed me that when this was to happen, the child would be moved to the next level room soon. This made me sad as Kenji was the first to warm up to me. I continued to observe the play of him that week. It was clear he could get into a lot of trouble if not moved.
Journal #3 September 22-26
Finishing Friday was tough as I had to send my goodbye's to my first real friend Kenji. I could see his rapid growth of development more and more though each day so I knew if he stayed in a few weeks he would be climbing on things. He was a really good baby though and hardly ever cried. He was mixed with indian and chinese and was to die for. Actually, most of the babies were mixed and beautiful with some type of characteristic. There was Neil who was italian and literally looked like a mob boss! He was adorable. Then we had Adnan who was my second favorite! He was the hugest baby and was arabian and indian. He had cheeks and hair that could melt your soul. Then we had Big D! Donovan was the second oldest and was also pretty big in weight although his evened out more and made him look like a developed healthy advanced baby. He was not mixed but he had these blue eyes you could get lost in as well. The room was majority boys with the ecxeption of two girls. Ameliaaaaaaa and Gretchhhen! Amelia had me at hello as she smiled at every thing I did. She was quite developed too as she would roll over, sit up, and crawl. She also loved to reach for faces, but I did not mind. Her angelic soft cold touch complimented with a smile from those blue eyes warmed my heart every time. Gretchen was a tom boy clearly not by choice. She too was adorable but always drenched in slob. The Ladies and I thought that her parents was expecting a boy because she was always ALWAYS dressed in boy colors and clothing. None the less this entire week was spent observing and familiarizing as I played with the babies. By Friday I had advanced to diaper changing!
Journal #4 September 29- October 3
I met at The Learning Experience every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Out of the days Mondays I dreaded the most. Honestly depending on how my morning classes were was the majority of the decipher of my mood. This Monday my mood was a little sour only because I was called into work on my day off today and I was sleep deprived from work the previous weekend. To say I was weary and tired was an understatement however for some reason, these babies were my outlet. I found myself at peace when holding them and hardly fighting or their affection. They always greeted me with laughs and smiles no matter what. That Monday when they cried, it was almost a sweet background music to my life. That Monday turned my entire week around. I gained energy from no where at all. And when that Wednesday came which was normally a great day anyways, I was very excited to see my babies. Yes, MY babies. I had fallen head over heels with the work and was that much more inspired that this career despite the age group, was meant for me. The joy continued Friday as I picked up with my teachers had no energy to. I was officially a third teacher in the room.
Journal #5 October 6-10
By this time I am well into my internship and am literally dreaming about my babies. The hums and lullabies were the new tunes in my head. Of course this business was not all bells and whistles as I quickly figured out some of corners being cut in the establishment. It is not really my place to talk about how the center was ran but I will speak on how my ladies did not always get their breaks. How it works is that Ms. Myra would come at 7:30am to open up and by the time Ms. Jammeta came in at 9:30/10, a floater was suppose to come around and break the first shift teachers then the teachers that came in last. What was crazy to me is that this particular day Ms. Myra seemed a little defeated and aggravated which was out of character. She then explained to me how she had not eaten all day and how she did not receive a break the day before. When she brought it to the management it was shrugged off. This was no the first time and it may not have been purposely, but to be in a room with screaming babies for about 8 hours without a break is even had for me to understand. I felt for my ladies that day and thought about it all week. I observed how things were ran behind the scenes and decided I did not care to be employed there. Management was about show and not or the employees.
Journal #6 October 13-17
The weeks were getting easier at the center, but more stressful outside of it all and it was showing or everyone. I came in that morning greeting my ladies and inquiring about their weekends. Both had stories to tell and both had tough weekends. I became very close with my teachers as we had frequent talks throughout the week about our lives and such. As we offered advice and listened to one another I realized that these ladies are people. That sounds silly I know, but actual humans with actual problems just like me. Life hits you no matter if you are employed or not. The battles I was dealing with were mostly financial so to hear deeper life issues and really just be able to talk it all through while holding the precious infants, made this experience that much more. They valued what I had to say and as did I. Ms. Jametta was only two years older than me so the two of us really connected. The babies were therapeutic in a way that week as we swayed and rocked them giving them the affection they needed and ourselves the comfort we craved.
Journal #7 October 20-24
It was cooling off outside but heating up in the center. My babies were developing so fast! All but two were now holding their own bottles and half were getting spoon fed food. Adnan was finally sitting up by himself and enjoying tummy time when he toppled over. My heart, Amelia was now eating smashed bananas and pears still keeping her smile as bright as ever. Big D now wailed for his solid food and boy did he inhale it fast every time! Gretchen was still on bottles but she began getting a lot better at staying up through the day after she finished one. Charlie has acid reflux so although he had advanced to food he had to be careful watched after and could absolutely NOT go in the bumbo. Neil began to get sick actually this week and would not stop crying. He had worked both Myra and Jametta's patience before I came but of course I did not mind the constant cuddle and affection he demanded at the time. Neil and I became very close that week as he would only calm down and rest in my arms. I could not fault the ladies though as they had been hearing him cry since seven. Most of the time I did what I could when I came to alleviate them in any way possible. All in all the babies were developing!
Journal #8 October 27-31
This week was exciting at the center as everyone prepared or Halloween! The center was doing a Halloween costume contest amongst the staff and encouraged the babies to dress up as well. Starting Monday we heard the buzz around the center. The parents would come in that week and discuss with us the costume ideas and plans. The big costume idea was a lobster! Believe it or not three babies had the idea but after sharing it quickly changed it. This week seemed all about the parents as I had seen more parents this week in the center than any other. I suppose the holidays were approaching and the spirit was in them. Of course some of the mothers would peak in to check on breast milk and such, while others I think really wanted to see what everyone was wearing! The parents were so much into the costumes that they even started saying smart remarks about other costumes children were wearing! It was the craziest thing I had seen but also very entertaining to say the least. It was all in good fun either way. This week I also was called into work and wished I was anywhere but there!

Journal #9 November 3-7
It was a start to a very rainy and cold week and everyone's mood reflected such. Even the babies were really chill the start of this week. Ironically in class this week I was studying the proper development of infants and what stages they should be at according to their age. Because the Monday was so dull and relaxed I started asking Ms. Myra and Jametta about the development of the babies. One in particular I worried about was Patrick. Oh he was the cutest too! Little red haired irish baby that had the limpest and most fragile lower body. I was afraid that he was not getting proper development to gain the muscle mass needed for his lower body. He was the only one now who was not sitting up on his own. He took and held his bottles fine, it was just he refused to move at all when on carpet time. He wailed to the top of his lungs on tummy time and could barely hold his head. He was self defeated and after conversation with the ladies I found out that the parents allow no carpet or tummy time at home. They know he is not developing but they do not want him to cry on the floor. Uhh! Imagine my anger. I thought about Patrick all week and went back and forth from Ms. Daye-Greene and to my ladies for more facts.
Journal #10 November 10-15
This week was the start of a new one or precious Ms. Ellery. Ellery was the new baby to replace Kenji's spot and she was just as darling as she could be but the girl could cry! Ellery was 4 months old and had not been to daycare before. Her mother looked weary as she introduced us all and kissed her good-bye. Ellery looked frightened to death and could barely look any of our way without wailing. Now this Monday my patience was thin due to school and other stress so you could imagine my face as I had to hear her acclimate to the climate. No matter what we did that Monday she would not hush. The only thing that semi calmed her was her bottles and when she would sleep. The first day was rough so you could imagine how I drug in there Wednesday. I was in better spirits and was prepared for it today. Round two with Miss Ellery and no amount of bounce, caress, or attention could calm her. We all had the right mind to tune her out though as it became a white noise. It was not until I picked up this long rattle and rocked her in the swing that she finally breathed. Then and only THEN was she absolutely precious to me.
Journal #11 November 17-21
I knew this week would come and somehow it seemed like an other week. I came in, hugged the babies, started warming bottles, rocking babies to sleep, and changing diapers. It all was a second hand nature by now however this week I had twice the energy. I am not sure if it was because I knew this was the last for me or if I was just excited or break. Either way I was on it this week and every day was a good day. The cries seemed more like an attention seeker today than a whine. I was truly loving m babies all week and bitterly going to miss my ladies. We sat down and had a heart to heart that Friday. They wanted to wish me the best in all I do and to stay in touch I was invited to Jametta's birthday dinner and after promising to come visit we hugged it out.
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