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Looking in the Mirror

No description

Hillary Barton

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Looking in the Mirror

When you look in the mirror, what do you see?
girls your age will tell you anything to make you feel bad. but don't
listen to them! you are all
beautiful! im sure you all watch a lot of tv and of course all of those commercials that show your favorite clothes, toys, and people. i dont know how much you girls pay attention to those people in the commercials, but most of them are VERY skinny and their bosses want you to think that by being very skinny, you are beautiful. let me show you
what i mean... do you all ever
watch spongebob? How come the biggest character has to be a whale? when people call someone a whale, doesn't that mean you're fat? or
how about your favorite
disney princesses? notice how skinny
they are?
the question is
why?! God made you all just the way you are for a reason and if anyone calls you fat or ugly, just ignore them. if you let those mean words make you upset, bad things can happen! let me tell you a story about a girl named Emily. Emily was your normal 12 year old girl. she had lots of friends and they loved to play house, play with their barbies, watch their favorite disney movies and go to mcdonalds for "special treats." one day in school, this really mean girl called Emily fat. That really hurt her feelings and she began to cry. Every day after that, the same mean girl would push Emily in the hall and call her all sorts of mean names like Miss. Piggy, Ugly, Fatty-Patty, four-eyes, brace face and any other hurtful name she could think of. The mean girl even got other girls to call Emily names. Emily had never been treated so bad in her life. What was she supposed to do? Emily finally decided that the only
way to get the girls to stop calling
her fat and ugly was to lose weight
and the only thing that seemed to work
for her was to stop eating.
For years after that, Emily would
starve herself. This is a disease that
many girls in the world have. It's
called anorexia, which simply means
to starve yourself or eat small
amounts of food just a couple
times a day. After one year of not eating,
Emily looked like this.... Emily's friends became very worried about her and so did her parents. She got so sick from starving herself that Emily had to go to the hospital! After the doctors helped Emily,
she got to go home. She liked being so skinny and continued to starve herself. Everywhere she turned the girls were skinny. In movies, in magazines, on tv... everywhere! Emily believed that if you weren't skinny like her and the other models, then you weren't pretty. notice how on the cover of
the magazine there are 2 headlines
about losing weight/being skinny?! The longer Emily continued to starve
herself and the skinnier she got, the
more she loved the way she looked.
She couldn't stop; it had become an
obsession. But one day, Emily got really
sick and ended back up in the hospital!
This time, the doctors couldn't help her. Emily died that day at the age of 15 and weighing about 80 pounds. this was Emily a couple days before she died Did you know that 15-20% of all
people with eating disorders
will die?
(that's about 1 out of every 5 people with eating disorders!!) Emily died all because some
girls in her class called her fat
when they were 12 years old.
She thought she wasn't pretty
and in order to be pretty, she
needed to be skinny. Girls,
please don't let the mean things
other girls call you make you
upset. you aren't fat, you are
beautiful and you don't want to
end up like Emily. If you do end up like Emily
and you start having an
eating disorder, then you could end up looking like
these women....
these women are
NOT healthy, they
are VERY weak, and
its MUCH easier for
them to get sick
because they dont
have the vitamins
in their bodies like
healthy, normal people
do if you think you might have a problem
with weight issues, all you have to do
is pick up your local phone book or
get online and you can find a place that
can help you feel normal again.
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