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Automotive Luxury event - Exposanten

No description

Marie-Laurence Opsommer

on 18 March 2016

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Transcript of Automotive Luxury event - Exposanten

Unique setting
10000m2 in total
Lifestyle & Luxury event combined with test drives of exclusive and sports cars
car show (new & classics)
40 to 50 premium lifestyle partners/exhibitors
Upscale audience
National event
Guaranteed visitors (up to 3000)
Pavillion and Showcase of eco cars and new mobile technologies (also in association with KVBG)
3rd edition

2015 Airview
2016 Setting
Floor plan
18h - 23h
Vip night including test-drives (buyers only)
20|08 & 21|08
12h - 22h
Registration required
Testdrives 12h - 20h
Logo on all pre-communication (website, facebook, automotive magazines, newsletters, bannering, leaflets, …)
16m2 booth (pagode tent, wooden floor with carpet, lighting and furniture)
Interactive communication with the automotive audience via emailings/website/fb
10 VIP tickets for Friday evening (exclusive, F&B included)
1000 personalized invitation-leaflets for Saturday and Sunday (If the visitors bring the leaflet with them, they get a free welcome drink)
Digital invitation to be personalized
Free pre-registrations for test drives
Free catering and water for every exhibitor (max. 4 people/day/exhibitor)
Dbase of the visitors

Partnership € 4500 + VAT
Bang & Olufsen
De Bosbeke
Becaus Tuinaanleg
Brussels Projects & Senior Invest
De Bosbeke
Evenementtours Reizen
Ifor Williams Trailers
JMB Aviation
L.A. Ramen Lanssens
Patrick Ponseele raamdecoratie
Serengeti Eyewear
Skyline Europe
Triple Living
Vanhoutteghem Time & Jewelry
Waelkens Interieur & Tafelbouw

So far we are proud to present the following premium partners :
2015 Impressions
19 - 20 - 21 august 2016
Automotive Luxury event is supported by the following
national Automotive magazines

Black Oval (Range Rover owners)
My Land Rover Travel magazine (Land Rover owners)
Maseratisti Belgi (Maserati owners)
Supercharged (Tesla owners)
Amazing in Motion (Lexus owners)
Eco Driving Emotion (hybrid/electrical/alternative mobile technologies)

The event is organized by
VZW- Automotive Luxury event
Oudenaardse weg 88
9790 Wortegem Petegem
tel : 0486/131313, 0472/900617 en 0472/233621
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