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Homophones pore, poor, pour

No description

Brendan Hosking

on 19 March 2013

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Transcript of Homophones pore, poor, pour

Pore, Poor, Pour Pore 1. With your elbow partner think of a sentence for pore, poor, and pour.

2. Write these sentences in
your spelling book. Pore, Poor, Pour There were many pores on his face.

He wanted to pore over the maps of the
world so he could educate himself
before going on his trip.

Many students pore over their work
to make sure it is done correctly.
Poor Overall his performance tonight was poor.

There was poor visibility in the dark.

She was financially poor and lacked the
money to buy a new car. Pour It poured down rain during the big thunderstorm.

He went to pour a glass of water for his guest.

Pour the mixture into a pan and allow to cool.
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