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What is Culture?

No description

Sylvia Brooks

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of What is Culture?

What Is Culture?
Language is important to me because without language we would not be able to comunicate. Language is a form of speaking that a group of people have chosen to communicate for example in different countries and in different places people speak different languages for example I speak English.
Technology is a way people can people can get information in a technical way. For example people used to have land lines and that isn't to helpful these days unless all you want to do is call now technology is so advanced now they have touch screens and at a click of a butten you can text, call, take pics, or play games!
Religion is a way a group of people choose to believe. For example I am Catholic. But that doesn't mean you are too. There are so many religions like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Heathenism, Semitic pagan, and etc. It is important to me because without religion what would we live by? What would we believe in? What would influence our decisions?
Transportation is a method of preferred transport. Like on our way to school when you see the big yellow buses driving down the street you know that they are on there way to drop off kids at a school.
Holidays is a time people celebrate important days or observe special dates fixed by law. Holidays are also based on your religion for example americans celebrate Halloween and Mexicans celebrate Day of the Dead.
Food I think is one of the most important because without it we would starve to death.Food is types of dishes that are popular in an area and chosen by a large group of people to eat. Like here we eat a lot of chicken and beef, in other countries, like Maryland, they eat a lot of seafood like crab. A lot of people here that have only lived or been in Texas probably have never even seen a crab in person before.
Education I think is very important it gives us the priviledge to learn so we can get a job and form a living.Education is a way a certain group of people chose to learn. People also do not always want to study the same things that is why in college you have so many choices so you can grow up to be who you want to be.
Government is the way a place is ruled by a which it is governed.
Clothing is a style of dress that certain groups have chosen to wear. Places from all over the world it's based on religion americans wear t-shirts and shorts and mexicans wear floclodico dresses on cinco de mayo while we are just in our shorts. For example look below I wear one of these on cinco de mayo too.
Art is a form of expression that is appealing to people so that they can see how they feel in a creative way through art.
Music is the art of sound that are enjoyed by a group of people. And is another way to express how they feel
Architecture is the style in which the construction of their city is built. For example the taj mahal is a structure.
Sports are athletic activities chosen by a group of people to pass the time. A lot of people these days do soccer it is a very popular sport although I do gymnastics.
Economy is the earnings and use of money in a place.
Culture is the full range of learned human behavior patterns.
I think traditions are important cause you parents did it and now you are and it is pretty special.Traditions are customs from generation to generation. Most families in the U.S. when they get married the get wedding rings. But that isn't the only thing that people do when they get married some people put marks on their forehead and that symbolisez that they are married it's a tradition.
The 5 cultural elements that are most important to me is Religion, Education, Food, Traditions, and Language.
All elements


Behavior patterns learned from years past from learned experiences.
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