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What Is (and what isn't) Debate

Introductory Presentation on what the Debate 1 class at WHS is all about.

Travis Dahle

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of What Is (and what isn't) Debate

Speech & Debate
What is this class?
Individual Events
Policy Debate
Why Debate?
Earn Points
25 Needed
to pass class
This is the focus of the Debate 1 Class
Resolved: The United States federal government
should substantially increase its non-military exploration and/or development of the world's oceans.
Have to argue for and against this resolution
1st Speaker
2nd speaker
each team
Original Oratory
8-10 minutes
Pre-written & memorized
Funny, insightful & entertaining
5-7 minutes
Current events
30 minutes to prep
use notecard
Public Forum
1 person per side
Focus on Values & morality
Start in December
2-person teams
Focus on current issues
topics change each month
New topics every two months
Start in December
Make you a better student
Open up opportunities
Each Speech &
Debate Round
earns points
1st year debaters we focus on:
- Alternative Energy such as
IPEC, Algae, Tidal or Wave
- AquaCulture
- Rare-Earth Minerals
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