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The Crucible

No description

Adriana Pereira

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of The Crucible

John Proctor was telling Abigail that they can't see each other anymore. Abigail is upset because he took her innocence away and her virginity.
The Crucible
Illustrator/ Photographer
Fortune Teller

Dear Abbey Commentator
This is a photo of Betty sleeping after having been cursed.
John Proctor: I predict that even though John is ashamed of what he has done with Abigail, he will come
forth and tell the truth of what happened to save his wife.
John Proctor,
For now, being strong is all that you can do, not only for Elizabeth, but your kids too. Ignore Abigail because you don't want to do anything that you'll regret in the future. Yelling at Hale wasn't the best thing for you to do so I think that you're best decision is to forgive him and talk to him.

Mary Warren,
I feel that you should tell the court that you were the one who created the poppet. Elizabeth Proctor doesn't deserve to go to court for something she is innocent for. She has kids that need her and a husband who cares about her deeply.

Reverend Hale,
In honesty, I think that John Proctor should forgive you. But no matter if he does or not you have to be there for him because he basically "lost" his wife. He needs a friend and you're the one that should be there to cheer him up.

Elizabeth Proctor,
You're a good friend for telling everyone that you were the one who made the poppet. Although, I don't understand why you did it. You have your husband and your kids that you have to look after for. For now you just have to wait until Mary Warren confesses that she was the one who made the voodoo doll, but for now you're in jail.

Abigail Williams,
I think that you should tell Hale that Elizabeth wasn't attempted to kill you. You accusing Elizabeth's spirit of stabbing her made things worse and you have to fix things. I think that you should tell the truth because honesty is the best policy.
If anyone finds out what he did his name would be ruined.

Elizabeth Proctor: I predict that her husband,John, will come to her aid and that Marry Warren will testify for her. She is feeling betrayed by her husband for sleeping with, and defending Abigail when she is in need of his help.

Mary Warren: I predict that she will speak up to the court and tell them that she was the one who made the doll not Mrs. Proctor. She is feeling fear because if she tells the court a different story then Abigail, then she will be killed by Abigail.

Hale: I predict that he will l help Elizabeth Proctor to get out of jail. He is suspicious of the girls because he doesn't believe that the girls are telling the truth and that they are faking the whole thing.

Abigail: I predict that she will do anything in her power to get rid of Elizabeth Proctor. She is feeling powerful because she has the power to say if your a witch or not, and she is not getting punished for dancing in the woods.
He is ashamed because has committed adultery.
Elizabeth Proctor:

What made Mary make the poppet doll?
It was a gift she gave to me. Most likely set up by Abigail.

Were you in the woods that night or had any communication with the devil?
No, I am a perfect religious role model. I go to church, I pray every night, morning and before every meal and I know all of the 10 commandments.

Why would Abigail want Elizabeth to be accused of witchcraft and worship of the devil?
She wants to get rid of me so she could have my husband all to herself. She probably made a deal with the devil to get rid of me.


OMG, I hate that
Abigail! She thinks I don't know about her having an affair with my husband! Little does she know...... #thatwitch #somad #fml
Elizabeth won't let go of my cheating! This dinner is supa awk. #interrogationtimesten #whatwouldjesusdo
I'm so close to executing
you BETTER not confess.


OMG there's a man at the house accusing the Proctor's of witchcraft (@thereverendhale). They think it's because of the poppet I made! And John Proctor wants me to confess but, Abigail said she'd kill me!? #salemstruggle
I just heard Elizabeth got arrested. LMAO this is perf! See you in hell little witch!
This is important because
Mary Warren was the one who made this not Elizabeth Proctor. Abigail was complaining about a pain in her stomach and she said that
Elizabeth Proctor had cursed her. when Cheever came to the Proctor house they found
the doll with a pin in its stomach symbolizing it was a voodoo doll and that she was doing witch crafted.
Who do I believe who do I believe?? Is
guilty? He didn't even know all of the ten commandments! But is that so important? #wtf
John Proctor:
Mary Warren:
Why did you make the poppet that you gave to Goody Procter?
I was just trying to be nice. I swear I mean't no harm.

Did you use witchcraft when you made this poppet so it would harm Abigail?
No, I would never use witchcraft. Abigail was right next to me when I made it she probably saw where I put the needle and stabbed herself with it. She never did like Goody Proctor, this was her chance to get rid of her.
I can't believe I'm being arrested! What have I done????? NOTHING. Doesn't anyone believe me?
Tituba and Abigail are both in the midst of performing black magic and witch craft as Abigail drinks the blood of a chicken, and Tituba conjures spirits.
During an awkward dinner, Elizabeth is using the information of Abigail and John's affair against him in order to convince him to put Abigail on trial.
After trying to prove her innocence, Elizabeth is arrested under the charges of withcraft and the practice of dark magic
Why don't you know all of the Ten Commandments?
It's been awhile since I have been to church that is why.

Why don't you go to always go to church on Sabbath day? Do you too have relations with the devil?
No! I do not have anything to do with the devil. Elizabeth was sick this winter and I stayed home to take care of her.

Is it true that you and Abigail use to have an affair and that she would be so jealous of Elizabeth to accuse her of witchcraft?
Yes, it is true. Come to think of it that sounds exactly like something Abigail would do.
John Proctor- When Rev. Hale visits the Proctor house after Elizabeth had been accused of witchcraft, he asks John to recite the Ten Commandments which John is then unable to do. This reveals about his personality how he is not a loyal Puritan like he should be. This also ties into his affair with Abigail and how he committed adultery which is against the Puritan faith. It is clear to see how ordinary people might find confusing how remembering the Ten Commandments is so crucial for their religion.

Elizabeth Proctor- When John brings up how he was alone with Abigail, Elizabeth becomes enraged. Elizabeth knows about the affair and uses it to her advantage to make him feel guilty and accuse Abigail of witchcraft. She uses this against him because she is insecure at the fact he had an affair, even though he ended it and made it very clear. This might confuse readers because if she was truly hurt she would leave him.
Mary Warren- After the doll Mary created was discovered in the Proctor home, Elizabeth is taken to jail. After this discovery John insists Mary admit to having made the doll so that way charges will be dropped against Elizabeth and she won't be hung. However, Mary refuses as she knows she will be killed. This shows she is selfish because she is willing to let Elizabeth die so that way she doesn't have to. Readers would be confused by this as the length that Abigail is going just to have John to herself, willing to end a life.

Rev. Hale- As the Reverend of the church, Hale feels a high level of authority in the town, having their religion be such a big part of their life. When the Witch Trial became such a big thing he wanted to speak with the people whose names had been mentioned in connection with any form of witchcraft. When Elizabeth had been arrested and he had no knowledge of her even being accused he realizes he is out of the loop and therefore feels the loss of his authority in the town. This shows he craves power and the need to feel important. Ordinary people would be confused by his need for high authority and importance.

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