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Gov Docs 101

No description

Jaime Huaman

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Gov Docs 101

Government Documents 101 Digital Paper Fiche GPO
We don't purchase items we receive
GPO only sends items that we select for
We can only select item numbers (groupings of publications)
Some publications are only offered in certain formats, while others if selected for will be received in multiple formats (ex. State department forms 0863-C are in both paper and electronic)
Currently receiving 74% of everything GPO distributes
We also receive donations from the public
No budget to purchase new items or get items that are being discarded from other libraries Acquisitions Cataloging Cataloging Workflow
GPO=Government Printing Office
FDLP=Federal Depository Library Program
March 4, 1861created
Responsible for gathering, cataloging, producing, providing, and preserving
passports and id cards for the government
title 44, chapter 19, of the United States Code provides information on the FDLP
Organized by SuDoc Government Documents North Carolina (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr United States Documents gathered, catalogued, digitized, and preserved at the State Library of North Carolina
Legislative mandated to collect state publications
Classification scheme based on SuDocs, but is not the same
Smaller collection, excellent digital repository State Library
We are a full repository and receive everything distributed by the State Library
Links to the State Library are constantly added to our catalog Tip Much of our collection is not Everything we currently receive is catalogued.. Cheryl processes approximately 1800-2000 items a month
Jaime will be adding North Carolina Digital links
Work has not started on retrospective cataloguing Weeding Usage Timely Value Duplication Scope PC Condition Availability Usability Public Service Librarians Finished Beth Rowe
UNC Liaison Librarians Checked out items Gov Docs Misc Info Displays
Student workers are relabeling gov docs
Everything produced by UNCW including the library is a state doc
We can not catalogue fugitive documents
The GPO adds a significant amount of items to our item selection profile without warning which causes profile creep Finding Aids Catalog of US Government Publications (CGP)- catalog.gpo.gov

World Cat
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