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Conflict Resolution Webquest

No description

Moriah M.

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of Conflict Resolution Webquest

Conflict Resolution Web Quest
What is conflict?
A serious disagreement or argument.
How conflict can impact relationships
Conflict wastes time, energy, money, and opportunities. It can impact relationships because both of the parties get stressed out and could end up causing harm to one another whether that be emotionally or physically.
5 Different Types of Conflicts
Four Basic Types of
Person vs. Person

Why is it important to provide focus on your actions rather than placing blame or arguing with others?
If you are always blaming others you will never be able to successful solve a conflict and prevent future frustration and conflicts.
Examples of Causes of Conflict
Personality differences
Non-compliance with rules/policies
competing with each other
How Conflict Impacts
the Workplace Environment
It wastes time, breath, and sometimes, money.
Examples of "I" statements used to resolve conflict
explaining how you feel
"I feel you never use my ideas but you use hers." "I am sorry I will work harder to use your ideas more often."
"I notice you always respect him more than me." "I never realized that; thank you for telling me how you feel."
Person vs. Society
Person vs. Nature
Person vs. Fate
Person vs. Self
Conflict Resolution for Teens
What is an "I" statement?
an "I" message or statement about your feelings
Unfortunately, many teens believe that when a conflict or disagreement arises, they have no choice but to fight.

Conflict resolution training programs
Peer mediation programs
Peaceable classrooms and schools
Community mediation centers

By: Moriah, Carolyn, Isabella, and Dwayne
"Don’t look where you fall, but where you slipped. "
– African proverb
The End. Thanks for watching!
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