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Fall 2012 IPRO 350 Introduction

Introduction Class #1

Michael Morley

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Fall 2012 IPRO 350 Introduction

IPRO 350: ProSolutions
Introduction & New Ideas Instructors: Michael L. Morley & Dr. Kevin Meade Jan 15th, 2013 "Prosthetic Solutions for the Working World" Mission Prosthetic Tools Social Entrepreneurship ProSolutions What? How? Define
Market Characterize
Needs Design &
Iterate Pilot
Trials A (Brief) History of Everything.... 2006-2008 2008-2010 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
Achievements Biz Design (Thumb) Fit FDA Class II
IRB Certification
IP Review
Web Presence Characterized function
3D Design
Mechanical Prototype DIY Fitting Concept
Evaluated Materials
Fabricated Mannequins Fall 2012
Achievements Spring 2012 Track Winners! Biz Continuing R&D New R&D Founded NFP "PALS at Work"
Won Premios Incluir 2012
PAL Box & Pro Box Concept
This Semester Is Going To Be Different..... Ok, But How Exactly? Grading
The BIG Picture IPRO Grading Has Been.... Problem: IPRO is NOT a... Ambiguous
An (un)pleasant Surprise Class Workplace but rather a Solution: GOOD = IDEA GENERATION, EXCELLENCE, & ATTITUDE BAD = JUST FOLLOWING ORDERS BiWeekly Updates: 1 v 1 Communication & Detailed Status Reports
(Bidirectional Feedback/Advice) HOW? Engrade.com Entrepreneurship Networks Let´s Go!! Biweekly Grades
Continuous Feedback
No Surprises!! Patient-Centric & Simple = Effective Spring 2013 Goals??? Fueling Growth Build the Movement Design Funding (NCIIA, Dell, I2P)
Crowd (Kickstarter, IndieGogo)
Identify MOOC Platform
Create edu-resources
Promote engagement
1st Identify Your Passion
Pursue A Task Learn. Work Hard. Have Fun. Excel Fall 2012 Track Winners! Winner "Premio Incluir 2012" Thumb Prosthesis
DIY Fitting Stroke Forearm Orthosis
"Musical Fingertips"
Product testing (Colombia, VCM)
Biz Articles - 1/week
Reflection - 5 pts Big Picture Clinics - Recruitment in Progress
PALS Platform - Doable
MOOC - Necessary to jump start
Schools - Recruitment in progress
Crowdfunding - already exists
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