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Slang in The Outsiders

No description

Carley Varo

on 30 September 2015

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Transcript of Slang in The Outsiders

Slang in
The Outsiders

Shared Google Doc.
1. Log into your Chrome Book
2. Open Google Chrome
3. Go to Google
4. (If you are not logged into Google) Click the Sign In button in the top right corner
5. Log in with @madison.k12.wi.us
6. Click the 9 squares in the top right corner
7. Click Drive.
8. Now, click "Shared with Me" on the Left Side Menu.
9. Click on "The Outsiders Slang" document.
10. You're in!
Tone and Meaning
What is tone?
Slang Words Activity
Learning Targets
I can define the slang words and phrases in The Outsiders.
What does slang have to do with tone and meaning?
Pick a partner (You can work in groups of 2).
Sign up for 2 words/phrases (with Ms. Varo)
Fill in the Google Document Chart.
a definition of your word
a word that we might use today to mean the same thing
a sample sentence using your slang word
Tone is the author's attitude toward the subject or character of the text.
What is the tone of The Outsiders?
Turn and Talk.
How does the author's use of slang effect the tone of the text?

Would the tone be different if the author had not used slang words?

How does the slang effect the meaning of the text?
What is the meaning or the purpose of The Outsiders?
Exit Slip
Does the author's use of slang words affect the tone of the book? How?
How does the author's use of slang words affect the meaning?
On a piece of paper respond to the following questions
I can explain how the author's use of slang words and phrases affects the meaning of and the tone of the book.
What you need for the Chart
What is the tone of your favorite TV show?
When you are with your partner you are focused on your work.

Groups are not messing around or discussing with other groups.

Chromebooks are used for research, not anything else.
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