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Personal Brand

No description

Jacob Ternes

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Personal Brand

Profile, Page, or Group?
Jacob Ternes
Today's Discussion
Thou Shall Nots of Social Media
Picking Networks
What makes a Brand?
Jacob Ternes
The Power of Social Media
Do you know anyone not using Social Media?

With the access everyone has to internet, this could be a mistake.

If you aren't putting information out there, who is controlling your image?

People will associate your online persona with who you really are.

Google yourself to see what’s out there.
Coordinator of Student Involvement & Greek Life
Center for Student Involvement
Fort Hays State University

Establish Yourself
Have Fun!
Keep it Positive
The Holdouts
Social Media is Awesome!
Establish yourself as part of a group:
Student Groups
Professional Groups

Like Pages, follow on Twitter,
Instagram, Youtube...

Retweet, Like, Comment, Share...
Original content
-Blogs -Pictures -Questions

What you are doing? Where you are doing it?

Participate in discussions: hashtags

Let others do the talking for you
When praise comes from trusted third party, it will mean more.
Help this happen by reaching out and supporting others. Share their content, sing their praises. The more you highlight other's accomplishments, the more likely they will do the same for you.

Your Brand shouldn't be all work.

Like to travel? Post pictures

Have Pets? Post about them

Spend time with friends? Tag them

Sports fan? Share their victories

Highlight what makes you who you are.

Just remember to keep your posts positive

Polite disagreements


What is Social Media?
No right or Wrong way to choose

What do you want your Brand to be?...what network(s) will help you get there?

You don't have to be on them all.

Lots of Definitions for Brand

Here's Mine:
A collection of thoughts, images, words, feelings about a person, company or service.

Shout it out
What do you think when you see:
What do you want to come to mind when people think about you?
Set Yourself Apart
Music fan



Coordinator of Student Involvement & Greek Life
Profile: Individual
Page: Public Relations
Group: Small Group Discussions
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