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Survival Challenge

Design a mechanism to help your Lego Guy SURVIVE!

Stephanie Laskey

on 4 October 2017

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Transcript of Survival Challenge

The earth as we know it no longer exists.
Civilization has destroyed itself through nuclear wars, pollution, and lack of respect for the environment.
The human race has all but ceased to exist.

A group of multicultural scientists, doctors, and engineers have survived by living in a biosphere for the last 20 years. As they emerge from their protected sphere, they find the earth totally destroyed. They need to rebuild the earth and civilization. They will have to rebuild using only recycled materials that can be scavenged from the countryside.

You are one of the engineers assigned to complete one of the tasks. Your team’s job is to create mechanical machines that will help the scientists and doctors rebuild the earth.
Team 1
Team 1
The scientists and doctors need a vehicle that will take them over the rough terrain to search for other survivors and to collect data.
o Requirements:
o Needs to travel over rough terrain.
o Needs to have a universal drive shaft.
o Must be able to switch from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive.
The year is 2201.
The scientists need a machine that will rotate a solar collection dish from inside their labs. The machine must be located outside their building and around the corner.
o Requirements:
o Needs to have a minimum gear ratio of 1:5.
o Must be located around a corner.
o Needs to be angled 30 toward the sun.
o Must be able to follow the sun.
Team 2
Team 3
Doctors need a machine to move all of their operating equipment and generators, at one time, from room to room. One of the pieces of equipment is an old radio now used to regulate heartbeats, called a cardioregulator.
o Requirements:
o Must move all of the equipment at once.
o Must create a cardioregulator.
o The equipment is very heavy. The machine can move slowly, but it must be capable of carrying a lot of weight.
For all members to survive, they must have food, water, and shelter. This means pumping water from the ground, cutting wood for building, and grinding grain for flour to eat.
o Must create one machine that will perform all three tasks.
o Must have only one input to run all devices in order to save energy.
o Must be no larger than 5 in. x 5 in.
Team 4
Survival Challenge
The Colony Intro:
The Colony
Inventions from The Colony - Part 1: Water Filtration and Ozone Purification
Inventions from The Colony Part 6 Solar Electric Vehicle
Inventions from The Colony Part 3 Solar Tracker
Inventions from The Colony Part 2 Wood Gasifier
Inventions from The Colony Part 4 Bicycle Washing Machine
Inventions from The Colony Part 5 Spark Gap Radio Transmitter
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