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Turtle Conservation

Sea Turtle conservation homework from Global Explorers- LETS GO TO COSTA RICA!

Hannah Freyer

on 25 April 2011

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Transcript of Turtle Conservation

Turtle Conservation History Long ago many species of Turtle roamed a majority of the Earths oceans. Today there are not only fewer turtles, but many of them are endangered. The reason for this is humans. Endangered Turtles in the Caribbean include: Hawksbill, Leatherback, Kemp's Ridley,and the Green Sea Turtle. Loggerheaded are also threatened, but have not yet been added to the endangered species list. Who's who? Each sea turtle can be identified by its marking on its shell and how many scales or the organization of the scales on its shell. These scales are called Scutes and reside on the upper part of the shell, called the Carapace. Laws, Agreements, and Problems The United States Endangered Species Act:
Illegal to harm, harass,import, sell or transport Turtles and/or their products Turtle are protected from trade in the "Convention on International Trade and Edangered Species" (CITES) Collection and selling of eggs
Hunting Turtles for meat and shells
Raising in captivity
Disturbing of nest and young
Pollution and destruction of habitat, including feeding and nesting grounds Solutions: Enforce laws and agreements all around
Use turtle safe fishing methods
protect nesting beaches: education and established parks
Decrease negative human impacts on beaches: artificial lights, driving, beach armoring
Minimize pollution on beaches and in Ocean
Research changes and problems
Inform the public to help out
Be a considerate citizens What if I encounter a nesting Sea Turtle? Please leave any nesting or non nesting sea turtle in peace. It is okay to observe quietly and out of sight. We will be wearing dark clothing, as to not destrurb any sea turtle. On land sea turtles are near sighted, easily frightened, and have very little way to protect themselves. This makes it very likely that they will crush the eggs that have already been layed. Stress is no better for them, than it is for us, and nesting is not a good time to be stressed.
Please observe this majestical experience quietly, peacefully and out of sight. My own Conservation Commitments: Self education and pass the word on
Limited contact with Sea Turtles
No littering
Beach and ocean clean-up
Help with conservation project

Thank You!
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