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Digital Citizenship

No description

jeff richardson

on 21 February 2011

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Transcript of Digital Citizenship

Know the Rules and FOLLOW THEM!!
File Sharing
Do you do it?
Social Media
And it IS changing the WORLD!
Just because you CAN
doesn't mean you SHOULD!
Think Before You Post.
Nothing is Private!
Never Share Passwords.
It's All About CHARACTER!

Everything you post online becomes
part of your digital footprint.
So what do you want your footprint to say about you?
It's completely up to YOU, so choose wisely!
And it's there for a really long time...
Don't be a part of it
and if you know it's
happening, go to an
adult you can trust.
Never post things when you are mad or angry!
Your Stuff
Use your devices appropriately.
Don't hassel your parents when they set boundries/rules.
Know when them shut it off and disconnect for a while.
Spending hours chatting online, texting or trying to beat a game IS NOT COOL!
Understand and FOLLOW the ratings on games and APPS.
With great freedom comes...
And finally...
Use your powers for GOOD!
Because of all of the digital tools available, YOUR potential
to change the world has never been greater!

So...are YOU going to contribute to something much bigger than yourself OR is it going to simply be all about YOU?

The formula for being a
good digital citizen
really is pretty simple...
Values, Choices & CHARACTER!
Make wise choices regarding the digital world & the tools you use & it'll be the HIGH road for you.

So what about Your Parents in all of this?
Are they clueless?
Do you talk to them about your online stuff?
Do they know your passwords?
Do you hide things from them?
Do they set boundries and rules regarding internet, cell phones, gaming, social networking (Facebooking)?
Do you respect their boundries and follow their rules?
Do they trust you?
Do you trust them?
And assume nothing is PRIVATE
and it's all PERMANENT!
Let's start with some headlines...
Does simply having a
driver's license & a car
make you a good driver?

Know how to use the privacy controls & be careful with what kind of personal info you are sharing & who you are sharing it with!
Digital Citizenship...Which Path Do We Choose?
Don't steal stuff! Use...
2+Billion Views/DAY
24 hrs of content uploaded
every minute!
If you can't say something nice, then...
A great example of a kid trying to put down a positive
digital footpint. http://familyonbikes.org/educate/lessons/volcanoes.htm
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