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Leif Ericson!

No description

Maheen Nadeem

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Leif Ericson!

Leif Ericson Introduction Leif Ericson was Norwegian although grew up in Greenland. His father "Eric The Red" had discovered Greenland as he was bannned from Iceland and Norway for 3 years. Leif''s first Voyage was from Greenland to Iceland to bring a present to King Olaf! The next Voyage was to Canada when he had seen Bjarni`s ship float to the shores of Greenland. While traveling he discovered Vinland (now commonly known as Newfoundland) and Labrador (at the time known as Markland) Accomplishments Of Leif Ericson! Leif Ericson's first Voyage was to Iceland from Greenland. He was sent to Iceland from his dad to give King Olaf a present. Leif Ericson was a viking who had come to Canada by accindent but, may possibly be the First Explorer to set foot on North America. It is not for sure but, when meeting the First Nations they were behaved with very well and they were given gifts from the First Nations. He had stayed for a few days then returned home from the adventure to Canada. He came to Canada approximately in the year 1000 CE! Leif Ericson! Positive effects that Leif Ericson caused in North America! Leif Ericson found out that his ancestors were a very long
of great explores. He, his' mother and father sailed to the
east to find new land. He found North American while
sailing by himself. He knew that it would be impossible,
but never gave up. He behaved well and gave first nation
people gifts. He left the first nation people as they were
and didn't interrupt their ways of life.
Negative effects of Leif Ericson in North America! Erik the red was the only murderer in the long list of his great ancestors before him.But Erik thought the country (Canada) was useless so, he sailed away forever. He sailed away because when he came he thought he'd find gold but, there wasn't enough so, he left in search for more. Leif Ericson didn't find "Bjarni's ship" after all he has been through searching for it. Even though he kept his hopes up it didn't help him find it.
Conclusion! Leif Ericson was a Norweigian Viking and an excellent explorer. He had discovered North America and was nice to the First Nations. He landed here in Helluland (now known as Labrador) and explored areas of Vinland (Also known as Newfoundland). He came here in the year 1000 CE so, he was one of the first explorer to come to our land: North America! By: Shelly
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