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No description

Nuria Noseque

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Glasgow

By: Nuria Marquez
Sara Almodóvar. What's Glasgow like? Glasgow in General Glasgow is situated in Scotland.The official language is English.The population is around 598,830.It's area is 175km.It's 65km long from Edinburgh and 284km from
Liverpool.The city of Glasgow was founded on the VI century. Celebrities in Glasgow In Arts topic, we can find people like Billy
Boyd and Carol Ann Duffy. In Science, Joseph Lister
and Thomas Graham are some important scientists.
People like Amy Macdonald, Douglas Payne and Eric Woolfson are popular musicians from Glasgow.
Apart of all these important people, there are some
politicians too, like Gordon Brown and Jimmy
Reid. Weather Glasgow's weather is different than in the rest of Scotland and England.
Meanwhile is summer, the weather is just too hot
and sunny, in this season, there are a little few
rainy days.
In March,for example, the daily temperature is about 8 degrees and in December it's about 6 degrees. Culture The city has some cultural activities to do. Such as art, like opera and ballet, and museums. The principal library of Glasgow, is Mitchell Library, and it's one of the biggest libraries in Europe. There are lots of theaters in Glasgow,just like the Theatre Royal and the King's Theatre. 2 Transports Glasgow Subway, is one of the oldest subways in the world.There are two airports in Glasgow, Glasgow International Airport it's on the outskirts of the city and Glasgow Prestwick International Airport.
The trains go out to the north and east of Scotland from Queen Street. Sports In rugby, Glasgow has a profesional team. It's
called Glasgow Warriors,and they're playing
in the Celtic League of Rugby. Tourist Attractions There are some things that you have to see. First, you have to visit Glasgow School of Art , then the House for an Art Lover. If you like open spaces, you've got Glasgow Botanic Gardens. In Science theme, you can't leave Glasgow without see the Glasgow Science Centre.
Here you've seen four places to visit in Glasgow. THE
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