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The Revolution Has Begun

No description

Mariah Prag

on 8 June 2014

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Transcript of The Revolution Has Begun

On a more personal note...
A simple life
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A simple, easy to use, popular social media website, Facebook, may help my Psychology practice rise in success. This is because I could add family, friends, co-workers, other peers on it. By doing this, I could get a large source of credibility. Facebook connects you to people you know, or acquaintances even. You are able to share what you are doing, how you are feeling, what you have been up to recently, share videos, other posts, pictures, and much more (much like Tumblr)! However, the difference with Facebook is that it is a lot more personal than Tumblr, so I could have family, friends, co-workers or peers as references for future clients. Instead of being professional, like on Linkedin, I can have a non professional Facebook, but keeping it mature.
Tumbling away
A TEDdy bear
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Of course, being a Psychologist can be hard work. Sometimes I may just want to blog about some experiments, mental issues I came to better understand, results, etc. By having a Tumblr, my life can become an easier path because I can share things with people all over the world. Maybe even get some advice, or compliments on my work. I could be updated with the latest news on my other interests, not just with my Psychology. Or I could have a laugh with the latest silly picture someone posted. Also, besides my Psychology, I could share some of my personal life with people, causing people to better understand who I am as a person, not just a Psychologist. By having a Tumblr account, I could become more credible to many people.
An interesting website, including with videos of all sorts, is a cool way of learning something of interest.
takes you on a journey of all sorts of topics and interest of everyone and anyone. When tuning into this website, just type in an interest, then search and watch away! This website fills your brain with interesting information, and cool facts. Interested in Psychology, like me, then type that in and watch a variety of awesome videos full of amazing facts and people! TED.com not only can fill your brain with knowledge of your interest, but also see the views and studies of people all over the place! For me, Psychology videos can fill my brain with information I have never learned, or even give me a different view on some Psychology topics. It truly is an awesome website to visit and learn from!
A business in the making...
Once upon a time...
In the beginning, before the revolution of social media...we had books. Tangible, thousand-worded books that would open up to a whole new world. Instead of writing a blog, status, or website on a computer, people wrote on paper, and turned them into something everyone could enjoy at their local library or bookstore or home. Unfortunately, those books had to go through a publisher and be accepted into the reading world, which took months. However, due to this new revolution of media,
can now publish the Mother of all true media. If you were to have a "lulu" idea, your next step just may be
! A lulu idea must never be passed up in life.
Shared a Photo
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A Big, Big World
The Revolution Has Begun
Well, here I go, to a world of Social Media! A true revolution. Who knows where your feet will lead you.

My goal for my future is to become a well-known Psychologist. Psychology is basically my passion, I enjoy everything about the human mind and so much more. After I travel across the world to Australia, for my schooling, my goal will hopefully start to unfold. Not only may my goal unfold, but also to the pages of the book I could write/publish, about my practices, on
! Lulu allows you to publish your book the normal, hardcover book way, as well as online (where anyone can find it!). This could not only make me become known by more people, but could also give me more clients for the future. Who knows, I could may have a few published books!
Not only will my career get stronger with books, because of all of the social media out there, I also have a place online to build my professional identity:
! Linkedin is the perfect place to build my career, discover some professional opportunities, new ventures, and get some great insight to be great at what I do. This could build a whole new relationship between me and other opportunities that may come my way. Linkedin will help me live my dream.
A funny video!
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