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The Great Depression

By: Juliana Tanios

Juliana Tanios

on 10 September 2012

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Transcript of The Great Depression

By: Juliana Tanios 9HIS2 The Great Depression-The Economic Ramp To Destruction Types of Unemployment Relief Dear Diary 25/03/1931 The Great Depression- Eviction 1/02/1929 I just got FIRED from a housemaid job!... How am i going to support the kids? How am i going to pay the house? The only answer that I did know was that the Great Depression caused unemployment which then meant eviction. The Wall Street crash 21% of ruined people's lives leaving them with no jobs or money.

I had to think quick... It's 5pm now. The money Christian and Payne had made by cleaning their neighbour's house and my money would only last until the end of next week... I had to apply for the Susso immediately.... but this is completely shameful.... What should i do? But I'm hungry now... time to eat for the first time of the day.... Dear Diary 3/02/1929 Dear Diary, 17/02/1929 Dear Diary of Leona Lopez, I'm doing it tough today, AGAIN. I'm a widow surviving with 2 beautiful young children. Christian and Payne are both 10 years old and are struggling to cope work and their education..... I don't know what to do!!
As a housewife, I had many guests/workers at my place. At the door, a relatively old man, scruffy, dirty shirt with torn shorts and his toes showing through his boots asking to cut my overgrown grass in return for a cup of milk and bread. I felt so bad for him so i didn't refuse.
Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Sincerely Forever Yours, Leona Lopez xx I was so sad to leave my house where my husband and I bought our first house together. I'm going to take with me all our clothes and essentials leaving behind our furniture to the public. Christian and Payne are not having a good day today. We're about to jump onto the train for the first time not knowing where our destination is. We had to watch out for cops. This could possibly be the last time i could ever see my children..........

I nearly died while jumping the Rattler. My kids were holding on to me… One on my back and the other on my hip. I saw their face of dreaded frightfulness and misery.. But we luckily made it :) An elderly man didn't make it... Crushed and splattered under the train like raw meat. Luckily my kids didn't see it.

Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Dear Diary, 18/02/1929 Today is my husband's, Daniel, 5th year anniversary of death... Can this day get any worse?.. Two weeks had passed and I knew this was coming my way.. I've officially have been evicted...This is HORRIBLE!...
My favourite way to keep my self happy is to make my best meal!.... LETTUCE SOUP... YUM!

Soon after, we should start
packing all our belongings...

Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Eviction Eviction Eviction Jumping The Rattler I got off at the city. I'm trying to find a job here as a housemaid as I have experience in this field. My family and I are planning to survive at the back of a fruit shop, near berry trees. I'm going to have to go on THE SUSSO.. :( Yes. I am very ashamed that I have to go on the program of this scheme. My family and I usually get $4-$6 a day or 4 coupons. Sometimes, my kids would pick out berries for people in the neighbourhood. This is usually by coupons or money.

Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Dear Diary, 20/02/ 1931 Jumping The Rattler/ The Susso We are all trying to survive off a small portion of bread and tea, berries during the day and tomato soup for dinner with water. Payne and I will wear the same outfit of a long maxi dress with puffed up shoulders and slippers and Christian will wear ripped shorts and his father’s white polo shirt with his father’s high socks and ragged shoes.

I finally found a job as a housemaid, whilst my kids have jobs on the farm, picking berries. I had to share a job with a young man trying to support his younger sister but i insisted to have more days to work, hence more money. I often worked long hours, was paid very little, the government taxed working people to pay these men and left my work ending up with poor conditions, blistered hands and I was in the sun all day drying clothes.

Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Shanty Towns Dear Diary 5/6/1931 Living behind a fruit shop gave us the chance to take the leftovers that were thrown out. Having a new life in a Shanty town, everything was built out of a pile of rubbish put together. Usually iron sheets, cardboard and bags sewn together to have a home.

We then made a shack out of our belongings, but yet everything was still not perfect. Christian and Payne constantly need to go to communal areas for sanitarian needs. Life is hard!
Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Shanty Towns Dear Diary 15/06/1931 It has been 5 days since we have all had a cup of water to drink. We're all dehydrated so much that I had to miss the day of work. Without water, it made cooking and sanitation difficult. Cooking was difficult as there was no running water and no kitchen at all. I cant make my lettuce soup anymore. Everything is crashing. I had to improvise and cook outside.

It is 8pm and it is absolutely freezing. The Iron shacks are so cold so we couldn't lean on it. Also, the shacks are very small and we are all cramped into the one bed, keeping each other warm : )... but I have no personal space at all. I heard Christian crying himself to bed that night.

Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx I really need to start working harder then usual. Having no electricity, it is impossible to do anything at all. Things are starting to become difficult than ever. Cooking is very hard and it is difficult to make any food after hours. The most times that I make food for all is during the day. Picking berries is hard for Christian and Payne, hence juggling education. I have told them that i will home educate them so they wont feel tired when they go to school.

I need lights at night and a lot of water and food. But instead I'm using candles. We are living in a shack which is a grotesque place to live but i have no where to go. I need HELP soon!

Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Dear Diary 17/08/1931 Shanty towns I finally have enough money to buy a fairly small cottage house. I am so excited to move in but also i cant wait for the new project of the bridge to be finalised, finished and opened. The level of ferry traffic on the harbour is becoming so heavy that the construction of a bridge is essential for the development of the city. The plans were finally approved on 1922. Dear Diary, 25/08/1931 Entertainment- The Sydney Harbour Bridge Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Dear Diary, 7/9/1932 Entertainment- The Harbour Bridge I feel so bad for the people that are being effected by the building of the harbour bridge. Sixteen construction workers have already lost their lives during the bridge's construction. Sydney's heritage for such a familiar icon is the extent of its cultural significance is tantalizingly obscure to locals.

People's housing are being destroyed for a beneficial cause. I feel sorry for all of these people that are thrown onto the streets with no where to go. An estimated 469 buildings, homes and businesses on the north side of the harbour, were demolished with little or no compensation to make way for the construction of the Bridge. I just hope they are alright :)
Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Entertainment- The Sydney Harbour Bridge Dear Diary 11/9/1932 I took the ferry to buy some fish while i saw them building the steel arch of the bridge. It was an immense task, apart from designing a way to keep the arch up in the air while it was being built. The engineers also had to come up with a way of letting the steel arch expand and contract. Steel expands when it is warm and contracts when it is cold. I thought, how did they do this?..... hmmm

Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Entertainment- The Harbour Bridge Dear Diary, 25/9/1932 I finally found how they made the Harbour Bridge in one of the Newspapers:
"During this time, work began on preparing the foundations that would carry the entire weight of the arch span and its loading. The angled foundations were built into the side of the abutment towers. The abutment towers were made of concrete, but faced with granite from a quarry at Moruya. A giant ‘creeper crane’ was built on each side to move forward on the arches they would help construct. They were used to lift men and materials in a cradle and position them while erecting steelwork." Such hard working men!

Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx The bridge gave greater accessibility to all areas of central Sydney and surrounding areas, which in turn saw a growth in population around these areas.

A funny event happened whilst opening the bridge. It was at the end of the Premier’s speech that Captain Francis, a member of the New Guard, launched forward and slashed the blue ribbon with his sword. “In the name of the decent and loyal citizens of New South Wales I declare this bridge open,” he shouted. Most of the crowd had no idea who he was. Only one cameraman was able to capture the moment.The Captain was bundled from his horse and led away. The ribbon was hastily retied and this time officially cut by Lang. This created laughter in our family for the first time in a while!
Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Entertainment- The Harbour Bridge Dear Diary, 30/9/1932 Entertainment- Phar Lap A stunning horse just came into the picture but a lot of negative judgement is being set upon the horse. I've heard Phar Lap went in races but came last usually but with consistent training he is becoming successful from his trainer that was training him extremely hard.

But the majority of people have doubts. People have said about him was that they thought he is too skinny and has no muscles to race, is not fast enough with the others and iss a baby to the sport of racing.

Drama, controversy, wickedness and savage cruelty rode with the big, gentle Phar lap. Everyone continually is putting him down but he is coming out on top.

But Phar laps is rising to success but it looks like it was difficult and challenging for both the horse and the trainer. Whilst the horse is competing, the trainer is constantly receiving negative comments and feedback about Phar Lap. I think they fought and ignored these comments and it only made them both stronger and fight harder.

Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Dear Diary, 1/11/1932 I just heard that tragic news about Phar Lap. A car rounded the corner and a masked man in the back seat shot at Phar Lap. So they are deciding to take him overseas to America. Telford has enough money to become a joint owner of the horse. Davis then is bringing Phar Lap shipped to America to race.

Phar Lap is dominating the racing scene in Australia during a long and distinguished career. He is inspiring Australia at a time when the country is reeling from the effects of the Great depression, and his victories is bringing a sense of hope.
Sincerely Forever Yours,
Leona Lopez xx Dear Diary, 10/11/1932 Entertainment- Phar Lap Saddening news just came on the news. Early on 5 April 1932, people found him in severe pain and having a high temperature. Within a few hours, Phar Lap hemorrhaged to death.

Phar Lap's death is significant because he died in such a tragic manner, and amidst such controversy.
Sincerely Forever Yours,
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By Juliana Tanios

THE END!! Bibliography
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