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Mesopotamia: Gods,Goddesses,Monsters,And Demons

By Patrick Fox and help by Jamie and Cameron S. My gregovich's class.

Patrick Fox

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Mesopotamia: Gods,Goddesses,Monsters,And Demons

And Demons. GODS/GODDESSES By Patrick Fox Helped by Jamie
And Cameron S. Sumer had developed A religion where four
primary gods/goddesses supervised multiple
aspects of creation. Gods temples were made out of mud brick. Utu the sun god GODS/GODDESSES Mesopotamia worshiped many of gods. Each city had their own gods/goddesses. EVERYONE had their own personal god. Nanna, the moon god, was called to help women give birth. GODS/GODDESSES Something that is offering to a god would could be food, valuables, special oils or animals to be sacrificed. DEMONS In ancient Mesopotamia a demon could
be a good or bad spirit.
Demons were created by the gods with human bodies and animal or bird heads. MONSTERS Monsters were a mixture of animals and birds.
They were frightening and scary. THE END!
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