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Earths Early atmosphere

No description

ted williams

on 5 January 2017

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Transcript of Earths Early atmosphere

How old is the earth?
How do we know how old the earth is?
Radio metric dating.
How do we know how old the earth is?
Meteorite impacts
What did early Earth look like?
it was a hostile and dangerous environment
Earths Early atmosphere
EQ: What type of atmosphere
was present for evolution to

4.6 Billion years old
how old do you think it is?
Scientists discovered radioactive materials break down into other radioactive materials at a predictable rate
in the interior of the Earth there are radio active material
this is called its HALF life
Because meteriorites dont weather and dont have plate tectonics we can use radiometric dating on them too
from this crator in AZ
nothing like it does today
There was no atmosphere and no oxygen
at first it was a ball of lava
How did the atmosphere form?
After meteorites deposited water photosynthetic bacteria were formed but we are not exactly sure how
like these strolamites
How did the atmosphere form?
Along with the bacteria Volcanoes were putting CO2 into the atmosphere
So the first organisms that lived on the planet were Anaerobic prokaryotes
What does that mean?
That they had no Nucleus and didnt need Oxygen.
From this single celled organism we have all the many species on this planet
From humans to Narwals
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