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Fourth Grade with Ms. Tate

No description

Lauren Wade

on 14 July 2013

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Transcript of Fourth Grade with Ms. Tate

My "Vision" for Fourth Grade at OPE
Beginning with the end in mind.
Reader's Workshop
Writer's Workshop
Common Core
Social Studies
Classroom Management
Leadership Roles
Student Data Driven
Independent Leveled Reading
Student Data Notebooks
Reader's Response Journals
Utilize DRA, SRI, Thinklink, Daily 5
Focus on writing skills
Situational Writing Prompts
Larger focus on grammar
Self-reflection and evaluation
Response journals in all subject areas
Flipped Math Class
Data-driven instruction
Small groups
Game-Based Learning
Focus on Fact Fluency
Project Based Learning
Workshop model
Students discover for themselves
Songs, motions, games
Integrated with literacy or math block
Project Based Learning
Global Connections
Primary & Secondary Sources
Integrated with literacy block
Whole Brain Teaching- Chris Biffle
Steven Covey's 8 Habits- Developing student leaders
Utilize incentives instead of penalties
Open parent communication
Student "jobs"
3rd grade team leader for 5 years
Technology committee chair
FETC Conference Presenter
eSchool Plus Trainer
CET Trainer
Marzano model educator
School vision team member
Covey planning committee
Participates in district curriculum mapping
Increases academic rigor
Teaches the "whole" child
Content areas integrated across the curriculum
Successfully utilizing the language arts and math crossover to meet NGSS standards and CCSS
Thank you for your time!
Weekly Newsletter
Infographic About Ms. Tate
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