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iPods for More than Just Games

No description

Courtney Baccus

on 7 March 2013

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Transcript of iPods for More than Just Games

by: Leah Robertson and Courtney Baccus iPods for More Than Just Games Voice Memo Leah Robertson
School Librarian Perquimans Central School
lrobertson@pcs.k12.nc.us *Respond to questions with oral answers
*Use for Collaborative Story Telling- record a
few sentences, pass listen, repeat until story
is complete
*Have students read and record for better
fluency and reading with expression
*Read and record a book
*Other ideas... Open Voice Memo app.

It may be in utilities folder.

Touch the red dot to record. Recording a Voice Memo-Step by Step *Create a QR code. Go to: www.qrstuff.com
*Have students use QR Reader App to take them
directly to the website without having to type in
*Put QR in centers, books to quickly take students
where you want them to go. Using QR codes *Need we say more? If you need something, you
can probably find it here.
*We have the YouTube app turned off, BUT it’s
easy to turn back on or you can create a QR
code for a YouTube video to avoid students
having to type in the title they are looking for.
*If you need YouTube turned on, just ask and we’ll
show you how. YouTube Emailing pictures/video from iPod Touch *Find the picture by opening the photos app.
*Touch the picture you want.
*Touch the rectangle with the arrow in it in
the bottom left corner.
*Touch Mail
*The picture will automatically go into an
*Type in the email address you want to send
it to. Using Notes *Have students write a response to a question
*Write a story
*Write Spelling or Sight Words Ideas for using the camera *Scavenger Hunt of things with certain
letter sound, things that rhyme
*Record steps for a Math lesson and give to
students to listen to while working in a
small group
*Students video tape each other reading a
book or passage and watch together
*Other ideas... Clock *Timer – use with small groups or to time activities
*World Clock—see what time it is in other parts of the world. Weather *Create a weather journal
*Multiple locations can be saved on iPod and students can scroll from page to page to see weather
*Compare our weather to other areas you are reading about
*Let students look at the weather where their grandparents live or a place they want to go and tell what type of clothes they would need to pack to go there.
*Use as writing prompt...If I were in Alaska today. Web Browser Allow students to do research using web browser
Direct them to NC WiseOwl to use reliable sources and tons of fabulous resources we have access to for FREE
Have students “google” something and look for reliable sources and explore unreliable resources and help them see why it’s not reliable Maps *Locate your school, students’ homes,
places you are reading about
*Look at satellite image and see different
places around the world
*Find out how long far it is from one place
to another
*Compare city life to country life
*“Drive” down the road to a certain
location. Courtney Baccus
1st Grade Teacher,
Perquimans Central School
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