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Galaxy Ware

No description

Jana Liu

on 12 May 2014

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Transcript of Galaxy Ware

Black Hole USB
This USB Flash Drive has the power to to take 200 terrabites.
It cost $35.63 in the US, this includes tax.It cost €25.65 in Germany.

It will obediently take in the information you want.You can customize your own design on it.

Professional Sun Software
Star Phone
Galaxy Ware
Home Premium Sun Software
Galaxy Ware
Star phone is a smart phone just like the IPhone.Only, it's better.Unlike the IPhone, you will always have enough place to store your data.You don't have to update, and unlike IPhone if you don't want to update it right now, and after a long time you want to update it you can.On the Iphone after a while you can't update your phone.

If you lose your Star phone, it will send out a signal .If your phone is linked to a home device you can put it on lock down, so only your fingerprint can unlock it.

You can also add apps to the entrance screen, like a phone app. So when your in trouble you can immediately call.

Star Phone's cost depends on if you want to add extra features.But if you want to get it without extra features than it would cost $727.46 with tax

Galaxy Ware
Our Products
Universe TV

Black Hole USB

Home Premium
Sun Software

Sun Software

Star Phone

This software is capable of all the things the other software's can do and even more.Its Fire Wall is very secure, so that viruses will not have a big chance to get in.It cost $91.07 with tax.If you are not happy with your purchase you can always return it. Galaxy Ware will give you 100% guaranteed your money back.It cost €74.59 in
Universe TV
Galaxy Ware is a Technology business that produces future like technology. We promise that we put effort in all or work. We have the #1 customer service and you don't have to wait on the phone for a long time.Galaxy Ware is located in New York, Germany, and Monte Carlo.We are open 24/7.We are owned by Mr. Alland Hassan and Ms. Jana Liu.We're partners with Amazon, Ebay,Radio Shack and Best Buy.We sell all kinds of goods.We sell all kinds of things for different age group, but most of our products are for age groups 17 and up.
Our Logo
The Universe TV is basically the future TV. It is touch screen and voice activated too. You can instantly go to Skype just by going to apps and click Skype or the app you want to go to. It Also is 1080 HP, 120 HZ.It instantly can connect to any device, you don't have to get something like apple TV. And have to pay extra.The price depends on the size. Our size ranges are 20 inches to 90 inches
We would like to thank Ms.Blevins, and our parents.
Advertising Plan
We are having a Bill Board in Times Square costing about 2.5 billion.

In Germany we will be having another Bill Board costing €1,802,992.50. We will also have a magazine ad for €113,920.
By: Alland Hassan and Jana Liu
The professional sun software is a little like the home premium but more focus on the features that business people would use for their laptops. Like different type of presentation features. The professional sun software is starting at $151.80 with tax,
€106.42 in euros. This is all with tax.
We will give back to our community by having big sales and having charities for education.
Thank you for listening
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